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As a little girl in the eighties, I grew up loving tofu and rice milk. 

Nutritional yeast was a staple in our house. Snap peas, sprouts, cauliflower, and sweet potatoes were some of my favorite foods. Miso soup is one of my comfort meals because my mom used to make it for me when I didn’t feel good. 

Instead of boxed cereal, I ate cooked whole grains with fruit and raisins. The only sweet things in the house besides fruit were maple syrup and molasses. Carob was a big thing. 

Tempeh, beets, and lentils were staples. 

My love for millet ran so deep, my nickname, and this isn’t embarrassing at all, was Millet Mol

What kid loves millet so much that it’s her actual nickname? The one who grew up and started a company that helps people eat more whole plant foods like millet, I guess. 

When most people make the switch from the Standard American Diet to a whole food plant based way of eating, they are overwhelmed by all the strange ingredients. 

But things are only strange when they are unfamiliar. 

I’ve never thought tempeh, tofu, miso, or millet were strange. These are simply foods I’ve always loved. 

Making the transition to a whole food plant based diet is like learning a new language.

I was fortunate to grow up with this language, so I am naturally fluent. 

As you start to eat a whole food plant based diet you will learn new ways of eating and cooking. You will be exposed to new ingredients and grocery stores. Your microbiome will change. The way you think about food will change. Your poops will change. You will learn to enjoy new tastes and textures. You will spend considerably more time in your kitchen. You will use more spices than you knew existed. You will learn that tofu can be damn delicious, and rinsing quinoa before cooking will make it taste less bitter. 

You will eat beans instead of beef. You will eat salads in bowls bigger than your head. 

You will have a new appreciation for cashews. You will look at the produce section in a whole new light. The bulk bin aisle will spark kid-like joy. The blender will be your new best friend. 

You will wake up looking forward to eating, not because you are hooked on addictive, hyperpalatable ingredients, but because you love the food that loves you back. 

You will no longer find pleasure in food, you will find JOY. 

If you are new to plant based eating, the ingredients and meals might seem strange

They will eventually be your new normal. The more you do this, the easier it gets. Trust the process and keep going. You will find your plant flow, and when you do, you will understand why it was worth finding.

If you want help on your journey, and you haven’t joined us yet, you gotta check out Plant Fueled Life. We have everything you need to get that plant glow. Besides, who better to help you? I made you a video to show you around.

When you’re ready to join, sign up here

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