#GiveThanks21 Whole Food Plant Based Thanksgiving Meal Plan

give thanks 21 plant based meal plan

#GiveThanks21 is a whole food plant based Thanksgiving themed Meal Plan that offers traditional holiday flavors in a whole new plant strong way. You’ll celebrate with stuffing, soup, salads, and plenty of sensational sides. Leave room for dessert because this plan features an absolute knockout bonus recipe: Chocolate Pumpkin Trifle!

All of our recipes are whole food plant based, which means they are free of meat, dairy, eggs, oil, and overly processed ingredients. They’re as delicious as they are healthy.

Our Meal Plan tester, Wendy, was blown away by the flavors of this plan. She was able to batch cook the entire Gourmet plan in 3½ hours and said:

  • This Meal Plan was absolutely amazing and now ranks in my top five of all time.
  • I loved that the spices were simple but made everything taste just like Thanksgiving! Meal nights were easy and fast, too.
  • It’s hard to choose what I liked best because everything was sensational. However, I will give a big shout out to the Pecan-crusted Eggplant Steaks—they are to die for! My son loved the Smoky Roasted Red Pepper & Basil Soup and had three helpings. The leftovers were also crazy good!

Cook up the whole food plant based Thanksgiving meal of your dreams

How you use this Meal Plan is totally up to you. If you want to batch it on the weekend and eat the meals throughout the week like usual, go for it! If you’d rather use it as a plan to cook up the whole food plant based Thanksgiving meal of your dreams, you won’t regret it. There are no rules with these Meal Plans and we provide tons of flexibility in our user-friendly classroom. Change your portions to suit your needs and the classroom will calculate the rest.

Thanksgiving is the time we set aside each year to gather with friends and family, celebrate our connection to one another, savor sweet memories of days past, and acknowledge our gratitude for the present. If you’re ready to tackle this special menu, it’s ready to go in your classroom. If you’re not yet a subscriber, activate a subscription and get immediate access.


Gourmet Plant Based Menu

GiveThanks21 gourmet thanksgiving plant based meal plan Menu
Savory Holiday Stuffing and Crisp Side Salad
Savory Holiday Stuffing and Crisp Side Salad
Tarragon-sauced Penne Pasta with Pan-roasted Broccoli  Bell Peppers & Peas
Tarragon-sauced Penne Pasta with Pan-roasted Broccoli, Bell Peppers & Peas
Smoky Roasted Red Pepper & Basil Soup and Spinach Pear Salad
Smoky Roasted Red Pepper & Basil Soup and Spinach Pear Salad
Fabulous Fall Feast
Fabulous Fall Feast
Over-stuffed Mashed Potato Bowl
Chocolate Pumpkin Trifles
Bonus Recipe: Chocolate Pumpkin Trifles

#Simple GiveThanks21

Plant Based & Gluten Free Menu

If you find the idea of a whole food plant based Thanksgiving Meal Plan overwhelming but still want to have lots of yummy plant based food ready to go in your fridge this week, the #SimpleGiveThanks21 plan has everything you need. Our Simple plans are inspired by their Gourmet counterparts, and are always gluten-free, plant based, have fewer components, and are quicker to batch. They’re great options when you’re short on time, cooking for just a couple people, or want something quick and easy. #SimpleGiveThanks21 still features Thanksgiving inspired meals, but with less fuss.

Gluten-free meals in this plan include:

  • Tarragon-sauced Penne Pasta
  • Smoky Roasted Red Pepper & Basil Soup and Green Beans
  • Gratitude Salad with Maple Tahini Dressing
  • Chickpea Cutlets and Rosemary Cauli Mash
  • Loaded Mashed Potato Bowl
SimpleGiveThanks21 gluten free plant based meal plan

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Check out these delicious plant based Meal Plans even your omnivore cousins will drool over. Pro tip: don’t mention it’s vegan until after they try it. They’ll be thankful for your healthy, flavorful creations.

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P.S. We want all our subscribers to feel like royalty:

“#GiveThanks21 holiday stuffing was a hit! & the chocolate pumpkin trifle was bomb ?”

Plant Fueled Meal Plan Subscriber

“If you are a subscriber don’t miss this weeks food! I raved to Tamie wayyyyyy too much ? Triple the eggplant. And don’t miss the trifle it is a fave here too! #justdoitalready #givethanks21

Plant Fueled Meal Plan Subscriber

“As a 1970s kid my mom would frequently serve up a diner-style, open faced, hot sandwich for dinner especially to use up holiday leftovers. I felt a twinge nostalgic today when I re-created a WFPB version using the herb crusted tofu cutlet, garlic mashed potatoes and sage gravy from CFDG #GiveThanks20 and a leftover chickpea walnut cutlet from #GiveThanks19. The side of cranberry sauce is also from last week’s meal plan recipes. Yes, two different cutlets, one sandwich on white bread (at least it’s organic white bread!) Don’t judge. ? It was the best comfort food feeling I’ve had in awhile to eat that and think back on days of my youth.”

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