Garden Party Plant Based Meal Plan


Garden Party is a plant based meal plan featuring summer vegetables and flavors, perfect for a family gathering or weeknight dinners.

Santa Fe Mini-chimis with Chunky Guacamole and Oven-fried Mushrooms with Garden Herb Dip will have you blissed out! This appetizer sampler-style platter includes baked tortillas stuffed with a filling of black beans, arugula, bell pepper, tomatoes, onion, and jalapenos, plus fresh guacamole and stuffed mushrooms. Yum.

Creamy Basil Summer Pasta and Whole Grain Baguette with Buttery Garlic Pepper Spread is penne pasta covered in Creamy Basil Sauce and topped with arugula, artichoke hearts, parsley, toasted walnuts, tomatoes, peas, olives, parsley, and green onion. Slather buttery spread all over a sliced baguette and chow down.  

Scratch your summer cookout itch with Barbecued Tempeh Hoagie with Herbed Cole Slaw and Cilantro Brown Rice. Toasted buns are topped with smashed avocado, barbecued tempeh, a healthy scoop of slaw, and a little smear of stone-ground to take it over the top.   

Grab a big plate for a generous serving of Saucy Cannellini Beans & Greens with Roasted Veggie Medley and Tangy Dijon Sauce. Drizzle it all with kick-ass Tangy Dijon Sauce and smile knowing you’re powering your body with delicious plants.

Sweet & Tangy Wildfire Tempeh Salad is a big-ass salad of tempeh, green leaf lettuce, arugula, tomatoes, and Cilantro Brown Rice. Drizzle the Garden Herb Dip over everything and top with avocado, corn, onion, black olives, and toasted walnuts for a party in your mouth!     

Plus! Garden Party includes Joyful Almond Coconut Cake with Ganache Glaze, a sinfully decadent cake based on the flavors of a well-known candy bar. We won’t judge if you decide it’s too good to share.

I decided I wanted some lighter fare and an easier batch this week, so I’m having a Garden Party and it’s off to a great start! My teen loved the oven-fried mushrooms and gobbled up all the extras. I have been alone in my mushroom love for a long time in this house, but I’d say she is converted now. 😊 

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Santa Fe Mini-Chimis with Chunky Guacamole and Oven-fried Mushrooms with Garden Herb Dip

The mushrooms and Garden Herb Dip—fantastic!!! And that Creamy Basil Sauce—I could bathe in that stuff. These recipes make it so easy to enjoy plant based meals!

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Creamy Basil Summer pasta and Whole Grain Baguette with Buttery Garlic Pepper Spread

That Creamy Basil Summer Pasta was to die for! YUMMMMMMMMM.

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Barbecued Tempeh Hoagie with Herbed Cole Slaw and Summer Cilantro Rice
Saucy Cannellini Beans & Greens with Roasted Veggie Medley and Tangy Dijon Sauce
Sweet & Tangy Wildfire Tempeh Salad

The wildfire tempeh was divine paired with the coleslaw in the hoagie and in the bowl with the Garden Herb Dip! My husband said the beans and greens bowl with the Tangy Dijon Sauce was an “explosion of flavor!” I think that’s spot on 😁. I’m so much in love with the sauces and spreads this week, that I know we’ll be making them again. The Creamy Basil Sauce is great cold AND hot…nom…even typing this, I want it… NOW!🤣 Thanks for making this home cook feel like a chef yet again.

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Joyful Almond Coconut Cake with Ganache Glaze

Simple Garden Party

Featuring similar summer veggies and flavors, Simple Garden Party is great for when you’re short on time but aren’t willing to sacrifice scrumptious, healthy food on your table. The Summer Fun Cheesy Mac is a delight that will please children of all ages. Win-win!

Gluten-free recipes in this plan include:

  1. Santa Fe Mini-Chimis with Garden Herb Dip Crudité
  2. Summer Fun Cheesy Mac
  3. Herbed Garden Harvest Salad
  4. Cheesy Rice & Roasted Veggie Bake
  5. Mango Black Bean Rice Bowl

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