#DirtyStyle Plant Based Meal Plan

Dirty Style Vegan Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plan

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It’s time to get down and get Dirty!

You’ll do it #DirtyStyle all week long with a nostalgic nod to classic Dirty dishes.

From an Open-faced Tempeh Sloppy Joe to Pub-style Split Pea Soup to Pineapple Sauce Quinoa Stir Fry, there’s something to please everyone at your table.

Meal Plan tester, Chazz, batched #DirtyStyle Gourmet in just 2½ hours and was able to start her clean-up while the soup was in the Instant Pot. Our included SimpleDirtyStyle Meal Plan will get you eating in style in even less time.

Speaking of kitchen appliances.

There are many helpful tools that can make your batching day easier and more efficient. While you don’t need fancy equipment to enjoy batching and eating all the plants, there are a few things that are worth a look. Check out our top 10 kitchen tools that we can’t live without part one and part two.

Are you ready to do it #DirtyStyle? Meet us in your classroom and get it on!


Gourmet Plant Based Menu

Dirty Style Plant Based Meal Plan
Toasted Sesame Edamame Hand Salad and Apple Slices
Open-faced Tempeh Sloppy Joe and Side Salad
Pub-style Split Pea Soup and Avo-Kraut Toast
Pineapple Sauce Quinoa Stir Fry and Orange Wedges
Radiant Roasted Brussels Caesar Salad Bowl


Plant Based & Gluten Free Menu

Our Simple Meal Plans are inspired by our Gourmet Meal Plans. They are gluten-free and quicker to batch. SimpleDirtyStyle is tasty and loaded with ALL the plants, but with minimal effort. Both the Gourmet plans and the Simple plans are included in your classroom.

  • Simple Sesame Edamame Spread Hand Salads
  • Pan-Roasted Veggie Quinoa Bowl
  • Nourishing Pub-style Split Pea Soup
  • Grilled Hummus & Avocado Sandwich and Apple Slices
  • Roasted Brussels Caesar Salad
Simple Dirty Style Vegan Plant Based Menu

P.S. Take a look at our subscriber’s love for #DirtyStyle!

#DirtyStyle Open-faced Tempeh Sloppy Joe. As only the hubby could say “Oh my god, manwich! I used to love that shit!” Thanks Dirty Wizards, you have won him over again!

Plant Fueled Life Member

Today I batched three CFDG recipes (two from the current #DirtyStyle plan). I made so much super-delicious food and it felt AMAZING. I can’t wait to see how the coming week feels, with dinner all sorted out like this! Yay!

Plant Fueled Life Member

Batched today and decided I needed the Pub Style Split Pea soup for dinner. Glad I made extra for the freezer. #DirtyStyle

Plant Fueled Life Member

I’m sitting down for the bomb-ass Toasted Edamame Spread Hand Salads and HOLY SHIT that spread is …. I can’t even….. You just gotta make it!! Mmmmm!!!

Plant Fueled Life Member

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