Homestyle Plant Based Meal Plan

Homestyle Vegan Comfort Food Plant Based Meal Plan

Homestyle is a fun plant based meal plan with Dirty versions of family-friendly and crowd-pleasing favorites to comfort your spirit and energize your body. 

Gourmet Plant Based Meal Plan

Homestyle Plant Based Meal Plan
Vegan Chili Mac N Cheese

Feel the love of home in our Chili Mac-N-Cheese. This meal features tender macaroni and spinach smothered in chili and cheddar cheesy sauce and topped with crispy smoky tempeh bits, green onion, and jalapeño. You’ll be shocked such a hearty meal is made from plants.

Smoky Tempeh BLT Salad with Chive Talkin Dressing

Our Smoky Tempeh BLT Salad with Chive Talkin’ Dressing is loaded with BLT flavor! Fresh greens, an array of crisp veggies, bright tomatoes, and smoky tempeh bits are drizzled with a member-favorite dressing! Spectacular!

“Plant Fueled Life was a game changer as a vegan living in a house of carnivores!”

Briana Taylor, Plant Fueled Life member
Savory Spinach Ball Pilaf Wraps

Savory Spinach Ball & Pilaf Wraps make a mouthgasmic meal with savory spinach meatballs, cheesy sauce, and rice and lentil pilaf. Everything is loaded into a warm tortilla and drenched with dressing for a delectable taste sensation from your head to your toes.

“Amazing! Make extra Spinach Balls for leftovers, you’ll be eating them all while you batch.”

Plant Fueled Life member
Coney style Vegan Carrot Dogs with Wedge Side Salad with Dairy Free Dressing

You’ll love our spin on Coney-style Carrot Dogs with Wedge Side Salad. This Detroit favorite features grilled carrot dogs in a warm bun with coney-style sauce, cheesy sauce, mustard, and onion. The wedge salad makes this a stellar meal.

“Plant Fueled Life meals are always better than restaurant food. I don’t waste money eating out anymore. Turned my husband into a cook and a damn good one at that.”

Susan Melideo Boyer, Plant Fueled Life member
Garlicky Oil Free Roasted Brussels Sprouts Bowl

Fresh greens and a black rice and lentil pilaf are the base for our Garlicky Roasted Brussels Sprouts Bowl. This big bowl is full of big flavor: garlicky Brussels sprouts, savory baked spinach balls, and delicious dressing with fresh herbs.

Home is where the food is

Simple Homestyle

Simple Homestyle is a streamlined meal plan with lots of comforting flavor that will get you in and out of the kitchen fast. Enjoy delicious meals like Southwestern Cheesy Macaroni with Tempeh Bacon Bits all week long.

Simple Homestyle Vegan Meal Plan

  1. Chili Mac-N-Cheese
  2. Smoky Tempeh BLT Salad with Chive Talkin’ Dressing
  3. Savory Spinach Ball & Pilaf Wraps
  4. Coney-style Carrot Dogs with Wedge Side Salad
  5. Garlicky Roasted Brussels Sprouts Bowl

Leave the planning to us

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