Becoming That Person

Becoming That Person by Molly Patrick Life Coach

Do you want to write a book, make pottery, stop smoking, run a marathon, start a business, eat plant based, learn a new language, quit eating sugar, or move to a farm and raise 34 baby goats? 

In order to do the thing you want to do, you must become the person who does that thing

Want to learn a new language?

What does someone who speaks more than one language do? Perhaps they practice speaking the language they want to learn daily. Maybe they read literature, watch movies, or listen to music in that language. Brainstorm or ask someone who speaks multiple languages what they do. This will give you a roadmap to becoming bilingual.

Find or imagine someone who has done the thing you want to do, get curious about how they show up in the world, and then start making tweaks to your daily routine that reflect the person you want to become. 

Want to run a marathon? 

What time do marathon runners wake up, what’s their morning routine, how do they spend their free time, and when do they go to bed? Imagine it, Google it, talk to runners, and take notes. 

What choices are you making now that the person you want to become would not make? 
What choices are you not making now that the person you want to become would make? 

Want to eat whole food plant based? 

Where do people who eat this way shop, what do they buy, what do they eat for breakfast? What do they order when they go out to eat? You can find lots of answers here or in Plant Fueled Life. Or you can make friends with people who eat plants and get to know them. When you understand the choices plant based eaters make, you can start making similar choices. 

This gives you a path to becoming that person.

Want to go sugar-free? 

What do people eat to satisfy their sweet tooth without sugar? Maybe they are quitting refined sugars and only eat whole food plant based desserts. What tools do they use when a sugar craving hits hard? When they have a hiccup in their journey to quitting sugar, how do they talk to themselves? 

Learn all about quitting sugar, find coaching resources, and take it one day at a time on your journey to become the person who doesn’t eat refined sugar. 

Want to quit drinking? 

When I wanted to be a person who didn’t drink, I knew I would have to become someone who was really good at feeling my emotions. So that’s where I started. I became open to feeling cravings, sadness, past trauma, anger, and disappointment without trying to make those feelings go away. Sure enough, now that I don’t drink, I am a person who is really good at feeling my emotions without trying to make them go away. 

If you want to quit drinking, here are six things that helped me get and stay sober. You might also love this mocktail and meditation.

What does becoming that person look like? 

Maybe the person who does the thing you want to do goes to bed at 9pm every night.
Allow yourself to rest. 

Maybe they choose to take a class instead of watching TV. 
Turn off Netflix and dive into your creativity. 

Maybe they get up at 5am and do their work. 
Set your alarm and get to it. No excuses. 

Maybe that person drinks water instead of soda. 
Hydrate your precious body.

Maybe they batch cook for three hours every Sunday.
Invest in the health of your future self. 

Maybe they work through emotions instead of covering them up.
Embrace your human experience.

When we work on our goals, we don’t get there overnight. We reach our goals by becoming the person who accomplished our goals. 

Bit by bit. 
Step by step. 
Choice by choice. 

You got this. 



Reach your goals by becoming that person Molly Patrick

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