20 Tasty Plant Based Dishes to Impress Dads Everywhere

20 Tasty Plant Based Dishes to Impress Dads Everywhere

Celebrate the father figure in your life with a meal that’s as delicious as it is healthy. What says “I love you” more than fueling your body with food that loves you (and Dad) back? We know dads can be skeptical about eating vegan or healthy food in general, but we have just the thing to help. We asked our community which recipes make dads drool and used that to put together a list of 20 tasty plant based dishes to impress dads everywhere—even your omni meat-and-potatoes papa. Check it out!

1. Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

whole food plant based buffalo cauliflower wings

Buffalo wings are practically synonymous with dads. Our oven-fried version made with cauliflower and homemade buffalo sauce will have him cleaning his plate and asking for more.

“These are absolutely absurd! So delicious.”

Marissa, Plant Fueled Life member

Let’s get spicy >  

2. Cheesy Black Bean Chimichangas with Red Enchilada Sauce and Avocado

cheesy black bean chimichangas with red enchilada sauce and avocado

These chimichangas are warm, cheesy, and packed with Tex-Mex flavor. Member Danielle says, “These were really good!! Quick, easy, and even the hubby ate it!”

Chimi your changa > 

3. Philly Cheesesteak

healthy fathers day meal philly cheesesteak with a side of grapes and sliced apples

Who says you can’t make an excellent Philly cheesesteak with plants? Give them this and prove them wrong.

“Incredible! All of my kids (8, 6, and 3) enjoyed it minus the cheese sauce. My partner and I loved the works. We will definitely make this again and again. There were no leftovers at all!”

Jesslyn, Plant Fueled Life member

Feel the love >  

4. Hearty Plant Based Chili

vegan oil free chili dad will love

No list of Dad’s favorites would be complete without a big bowl of chili, and we’ve got a winner for you. This chili is big on flavor, vegan (of course), oil-free, and satisfying enough to please any omnivore. The secret is our Coney Island-Style Sauce, which is full of seasonings and made with a special ingredient to capture the texture and flavor of ground beef. 

It’s a bowl of comfort >

5. Dirty Bang Bang Tacos

whole food plant based dirty bang bang tacos

This spin on restaurant-favorite bang bang tacos features crispy baked cauliflower wings, fresh veggies, and an easy, creamy, spicy bang bang sauce! Member Stacy says, “Both the cauliflower and sauce are delicious! Son, who says he doesn’t like cauliflower, even said it tasted good and that is high praise!”

Bang bang let’s go > 

6. Cheesy Pasta, Plant Powered Italian Sausage and Roasted Butternut Squash Casserole

cheesy pasta plant powered italian sausage and roasted butternut squash casserole

Pasta smothered in creamy cheesy sauce is tossed with tender roasted butternut squash bites and Italian-spiced tofu sausage to create the ultimate Father’s Day dish. One of our most-loved recipes, it leaves kids and omnis alike begging for more!

“OMG! So so good! My omni and pretty closed-minded uncle had a second helping! Total success and a go-to for family and special dinners.”

Casey, Plant Fueled Life member

Dive in >  

7. Double-sauced Plant-powered Meatball Sub

double sauced plant powered vegan meatball sub

“​​Winner! My husband, who often doesn’t offer feedback, volunteered, ‘”This is great!’” – Meg, member

“An absolute favorite in our household. I freeze extra meatballs and sauce [so they’re] ready for a quick dinner.”

Kayla, Plant Fueled Life member

Get saucy >

8. Plant Based Alfredo Sauce

whole food plant based alfredo sauce

Whether your pop is from the old country and believes no good sauce can be made in fewer than four hours or he thinks Alfredo sauce comes from a jar, he’ll love our version of this classic. Our cashew-based sauce is simple, satisfying, and it goes great over pasta, veggies, plant based meatballs, in casseroles, or wherever you want it.

“Really delicious Alfredo Sauce! I dare say better than the ones made with dairy. This will help me break my cheese addiction, thank you.”


“Just wanted to write and say I made this sauce last night. WOW…just awesome! Tonight I’m having leftovers will some baked tofu mixed in, kind of a ‘chicken’ Alfredo dish! Can’t wait.”


Meet Alfredo >

9. Antipasto Tofu Sub Sandwich

antipasto tofu sub sandwich

Speaking of the old country, did you know that tofu marinated with Italian seasonings and baked to perfection becomes an excellent base for an Italian-inspired sub? We did! This member-favorite is loaded with the works and it’ll charm any omni.

“My husband asked me to make this twice in one week. Really delicious!”

Nancy, Plant Fueled Life member

A sub to remember >

10. Dirty Express Orange Sesame Soy Curls over Rice

dirty express orange sesame soy curls over rice

If you haven’t discovered the magic of soy curls, now’s the time. We break down what soy curls are and where to find them here

“Hubby absolutely loved it and made a point of saying [I] can definitely make this again anytime! Next time I will add some green veggies.”

Devi, Plant Fueled Life member

“The soy curls have great texture, my omnis loved them and requested this meal again.”

Cristy, Plant Fueled Life member

Break up with takeout >

11. Mushroom Salisbury Steak “TV Dinner”

mushroom salisbury steak tv dinner

If Dad waxes poetic about the “good ol’ days,” then this meal has his name all over it. Mushroom and bean-based Salisbury steaks are smothered in savory Onion Gravy and served with Buttery Mashed Potatoes and corn on the side. Serve it up on a divided plate for authentic vibes.

“My husband who hates mushrooms loved this dish.”

Kayla, Plant Fueled Life member

“​​Really really good, my husband almost ate my serving!”

Maria, Plant Fueled Life member

Get nostalgic >

12. Grilled Cheesy Apple Sandwich

grilled cheesy vegan apple sandwich

“This is such a great combo! I’ve started making this every time I have leftover cheesy sauce from a main meal, not just the pub style cheesy sauce.” – Kate, member

“I was shocked at how great this! Made it a couple times.”

Tonya, Plant Fueled Life member

Grilled cheese gets a glow up >

13. Classic 13-Layer Lasagna

classic 13 layer lasagna whole food plant based

Lucky number 13 (if you’ve heard 13 is unlucky, don’t believe it) is a lasagna that makes dads, kids, and picky family members fall in love with plants. 

“This was a huge hit at a family gathering of both vegans and omnivores. My only regret in making this recipe is that I didn’t follow the advice of several Dirty Girls and make a double batch!”

Shannon, Plant Fueled Life member

“Everyone loved this! Like genuinely loved vs. just being nice. All omnis, including my BIL [brother-in-law] who pretty much hates all veggies.”

Angela, Plant Fueled Life member

You won’t miss the cheese >

14. Cheesy French Onion Soup with Toast Croutons

cheesy vegan french onion soup with toast croutons

French onion soup is a classic for a reason, and we’ve leveled it up even more with a cheesy version Dad won’t believe is dairy-free. 

Bon appétit >

15. Plant-powered Cheeseburger Pasta Bake

plant powered cheeseburger pasta bake and dragon berry melon salad

Everything you love about cheeseburgers layered into a crazy good casserole. Member Jenna said, “Delicious! A win for the whole family. Really nice flavor! I was a little hesitant about topping with lettuce and tomato, but it added a nice touch and we really enjoyed it.”

New fave alert >

16. BBQ Pulled Jackfruit

oil free gluten free bbq pulled jackfruit

If your dad says he could never give up pork, make him this. The jackfruit has an incredible shredded texture and is seasoned to perfection. It’s smoky, savory, and absolutely crave-worthy.

This is your ‘cue >

17. Tofu Sofritas Soft Tacos

tofu sofritas soft tacos

Your local restaurant chain has nothing on these tacos! Our tofu sofritas are the star of this dish. Member Laura says, “This is my go-to when I want tacos—it’s SO flavorful and the consistency is very close to taco meat (except without the grease!) for those looking for a substitute. My omni husband and my part omni son devour this when I make it—no questions asked.”

Let’s taco ’bout it >

18. Spicy BBQ Chickpea Mini Meatballs & Rice Bowl

spicy bbq chickpea mini meatballs rice bowl whole food plant based

“Delicious! That BBQ sauce alone is a keeper, but all of the flavors and textures in this meal were wonderful.”

Ashley, Plant Fueled Life member

“Loved this! All the flavors worked together perfectly. Nice to have on hand for lunches too.”

Julie, Plant Fueled Life member

Yum! >

19. Whole Food Plant Based Chocolate Chip Cookies

whole food plant based chocolate chip cookies

Ready for dessert? These cookies are just what you’re looking for. And they just so happen to be gluten-free, too.

“These are absolutely fantastic! Especially warm fresh out of the oven. Do yourself a favor and make them! I did it in my Vitamix and they turned out perfect. My toddler and husband both love them!”

Marissa, Plant Fueled Life member

“I’ve made them many times and they are SO GOOD! The ingredients are healthy enough that I sometimes even eat them for breakfast! LOL.”

Kathrine, Plant Fueled Life member

Bake up some goodness >

20. Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies

chocolate chip peanut butter swirl brownies

Whip up brownies that Dad will rave over. (He won’t know there’s beans in there, trust us!)

“This. Is. Heaven. I licked the bowl. Hands down best brownies I ever made.”

Katrien, Plant Fueled Life member

“Made this for omni friends and kids, huge hit with everyone.”

Anke, Plant Fueled Life member

Win brownie points >

Show Dad some love

Pick one (or three) of these tasty plant based dishes to impress your pop and celebrate him. Whether he’s already vegan or a devoted omni, he’s sure to enjoy and appreciate the yums. Sign up for a free Plant Fueled Life trial to enjoy these and thousands of other taste-tested recipes. 

Here’s to all the father figures we love.

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