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Bring on the flavor! With delicious meals inspired by various cuisines, Yums is a plant based meal plan that will have you grinning from ear to ear and drooling for more!

Each Plant Fueled Life meal plan contains

  • A detailed grocery list. An interactive list broken down by department, so no more aimless wandering through the grocery store. 
  • An optional prep list. This step-by-step list guides you through pre-cooking tasks, meaning less chaos in the kitchen and more confidence. 
  • Batching directions. Our easy-to-follow batching instructions will help you efficiently prepare your meals’ base components, meaning the bulk of the cooking for the week is done.
  • Meal night directions. Simple instructions ensure every dish is plated to perfection, ready to tantalize your taste buds.

Gourmet Plant Based Meal Plan

Best Whole Food Plant Based Meal-Plan
Cheddary Chipotle Black Bean Sweet Potatoes Whole Food Plant Based

Cheddary Chipotle Black Bean Sweet Potatoes are a super easy meal with a tasty Southwest vibe! Baked or steamed sweet potato halves are loaded with black beans, kale, corn, and green onion, drizzled with smoky cheddary sauce, and sprinkled with fresh cilantro. Hello, hearty and satisfying!

“These are delicious, ultra-filling and super easy to put together.”

Alexandria, Plant Fueled Life member
Zippy 5-way Cincinnati-style Vegan Chili

Zippy 5-Way Cincinnati-style Chili is our spin on this regional favorite. A blend of spices including cinnamon, allspice, and cocoa powder take this chili over the top. It’s served “5-Way” (AKA with the works) over spaghetti with onions, kidney beans, and cheesy sauce! Don’t forget the hot sauce if you’re feeling spicy!

Orange Masala Sheet Pan Salad with Oil Free Garlic Ginger Miso Drizzle

Our Orange Masala Sheet Pan Salad with Garlic Ginger Miso Drizzle is so yummy and simple to make. It features roasted butternut squash and garbanzo beans with the warm flavors of garam masala as well as the perfect amount of citrus, and it’s finished off with a drizzle of incredible dressing.

Vegan Biryani-style Mushroom Chickpea Rice with Cucumber Mint Raita

The aromatic delights of our Biryani-style Mushroom Chickpea Rice with Cucumber Mint Raita will make you say, “Hell yeah!” Rice infused with garam masala, garlic, and ginger is blended with veggies and toasted cashews, then topped with a zingy lime and cooling Cucumber Mint Raita. Hell yeah!

“This is so delicious. Well worth making.”

Debbie, Plant Fueled Life member
Stupid Simple Whole Food Plant Based Cheesy Burger Grilled Wraps

Wrap up the week with Stupid Simple Cheesy Burger Grilled Wraps. It’s all in the name—need we say more? Ok, just one thing: be prepared to doubt whether you want a hamburger bun again.

“Really good, not hard or expensive to make. I used relish instead of pickles. This will make a great work lunch. 😊”

Becca, Plant Fueled Life member

New to batching?

Simple Yums

An eclectic variety of colors and flavors await you with Simple Yums, the companion meal plan to Yums. It’s also plant based, and has been streamlined and designed to help you put healthy meals on the table fast. Delicious meals like Sunny Capellini Pomodoro are just the tip of this iceberg of goodness.

Simple Vegan Meal Plan
  1. Cheddary Chipotle Black Bean Sweet Potatoes
  2. Sunny Capellini Pomodoro 
  3. Orange Masala Sheet Pan Salad with Garlic Ginger Miso Drizzle 
  4. Spinach Lover’s Potato Soup and Cucumber, Avocado & Chickpea Salad
  5. Stupid Simple Cheesy Burger Grilled Wraps

Kiss that dinner rut goodbye

Hundreds of spectacular, plant based meal plans like these are available for Plant Fueled Life members. Our meal plans take the guesswork out of dinner planning and keep you and your family noshing on new, exciting flavors. Give it a spin with our free trial and see for yourself. 

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