The choices we make


You don’t have to eat 100% plant based if you don’t want to.
You could eat plant based sometimes and bacon other times.
You could eat whole food plant based no oil at home and vegan when you eat out.
You could eat plant based Monday through Friday and whatever you want on the weekends.
You could eat plant based dinners and everything else for breakfast and lunch.

Or you could eat all plants all the time. 

The choice is totally up to you.
No one gets to decide for you.

You might get judged for your choices.
People have judgy thoughts no matter what. You may as well make decisions based on what you want and not on what you think other people want you to want.

Your choices might change in the future.
People change, things change. This is totally normal and a good thing. Just because you make a choice now doesn’t mean you can’t make a different one later.

There are no perfect choices.
One choice will simply lead to one result, and another choice will lead to a different result. 

Your choices might make other people feel uncomfortable.
That’s okay. You aren’t responsible for other people’s feelings, only your own.

Your choices might contradict themselves.
No worries, things don’t always have to make sense. I mean, we’re all on a big rock hurling through space. Shit’s already weird.

Let people judge.
Change your mind.
Love up on messy imperfection.
Allow space for discomfort.
Embrace contradiction.

We make choices based on how we think that choice will make us feel.

If you decide in advance to love your choices, love yourself, and have your own back no matter what, it makes it so much easier to see all your options. Then, make choices based on what you want for yourself right now.


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