90: B12 and Beyond: Matt Tullman, Co-Founder of Complement, Shares His Moving Journey to Eating Plant Based

This episode is a tad sweary.

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90: B12 and Beyond: Matt Tullman, Co-Founder of Complement, Shares His Moving Journey to Eating Plant Based

Show notes:

Buckle up since we’re going on a journey with the Co-Founder of Complement, Matt Tullman. Matt found himself on the other side of the looking glass when serious health problems hit close to home. First, his uncle was diagnosed with cancer and saw his tumors begin to shrink considerably in just six months after switching to a raw vegan diet. His uncle’s oncologist recommended he start chemotherapy for a “double-whammy” approach. Sadly, he went into a coma just days after starting chemo and died a few days later. After his uncle passed, Matt then supported his grandfather through end-of-life care.

Through these experiences, He found he’d begun to care deeply about wellness and longevity, so he got curious and read over 300 nutrition and diet books. It became clear that a whole food plant based diet was the way to go, and he went all in.

Then, a cardiologist diagnosed Matt with rheumatoid-like inflammation and told him he would have heart disease by 40. When the cardiologist said he should eat fish as a solution, he resolved to stand by his WFPB diet and determine if something else was happening. He felt nutrition was the missing piece, ultimately inspiring him to create a vegan/plant based supplement company.

We chat about the nutrients we should pay attention to, like B12, omega 3 (DHA/EPA), zinc, iodine, and vitamin K2.

We also chat about raising plant based/vegan kids and why having the mindset of abundance is vital to a lasting healthy lifestyle.

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