114: Getting Dirties Questions Answered by Dr. Monica Salas, a Board-Certified Family and Lifestyle Medicine Physician

This episode is a tad sweary.

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114: Getting Dirties Questions Answered by Dr. Monica Salas, a Board-Certified Family and Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Show notes:

In this episode, I chat with Dr. Monica Salas, a board-certified family and lifestyle medicine physician dedicated to helping her patients make small, manageable changes to live better, longer.

She integrates whole food plant based nutrition for her patients, focusing on the prevention, treatment, and sometimes reversal of chronic diseases. In this episode, she answers questions from our Dirty community.

Things we discuss

  • Dr. Salas’ inspiring journey into lifestyle medicine during the pandemic alongside her husband
  • The importance of whole food plant based nutrition in preventing and treating chronic diseases
  • A clear definition of the six pillars of lifestyle medicine
  • Addressing specific nutritional needs for women post-menopause
  • Evidence supporting plant based diets in reducing cancer risks and managing conditions like fibromyalgia and PCOS
  • How she helps her patients discover their “why” for lasting health changes

Links and resources mentioned in this episode

About Dr. Monica Salas

Dr. Monica Salas is a board-certified Family Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine physician. After graduating from UTMB medical school in Galveston, she moved to San Antonio for residency training. Since graduating from the Christus Santa Rosa Family Medicine Program, she worked in the South side of San Antonio serving in an FQHC clinic for 3 years, then transitioned to a corporate wellness/primary care medical group caring for retired police and firefighters and their families. Now at Salveo Direct Care, she continues to provide compassionate and evidence-based medical care, but without the restrictions of health insurance plans. She is passionate about merging traditional and lifestyle medicine treatments and loves helping her patients to develop healthy habits to treat and control their health conditions.


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