Plant Based Meal Plan Reviews

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lost weight on a plant based diet

I have been WFPB for years but needed to get creative with meal planning and now the Dirties do that for me. I have had so many positive outcomes since…

Steph Cauller
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Meal Planning made simple

[Before the Plant Based Meal Plans] I was eating the same things on repeat, or getting Chinese food or pizza. I no longer struggle with grocery lists, what’s for dinner,…

Maria Bailey
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Clean Food Dirty Girl Plant Based Meal Plan Review

I’m new to this way of eating, which has taken all the thinking out of meal planning! I’m no longer stressed about what to make for dinner. And I love…

Sharon M.
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Clean Food Dirty Girl Subscriber Review

As a full-time chef and mother of 5, I fell in love with the idea of having ready-to-go meals each night. I joined, batched, and never looked back! Best decision…

Lisa Stewart
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Vegan Meal Plan Reviews

The meal development is amazing and the recipes are so professional. They are five-star vegan restaurant quality. Everything is so well done.

Cristina G.
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Autoimmune Disease Improves After Going Plant Based | Review

The meal plans have helped me expand my cooking and palate. I eat a huge variety of plants now! And as a bonus, since going plant based, I have been…

Julie C.
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Clean Food Dirty Girl Reviews Meal Plans

The recipes and Meal Plans take the brain work out of eating a healthy and plant-based diet. When I decided to become plant-based, I had no idea where to start!…

Samantha S.
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I’ve lost 130 lbs eating this way. CFDG (Clean Food Dirty Girl) are pretty much the only recipes I use. I had tried so many WFPB recipes that were just…

Lisa L.
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The CFDG team writes the meal plans in a way that shopping lists, batch cooking instructions, and meal night prep is so simply laid out and easy as pie to…

Sam B.
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Plant Based Recipes Reviews

Like eating at your favorite restaurant every night but way tastier and healthier!

Amanda Meuleners
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It’s been such a blessing that I stumbled on this site. Not only the recipes and meal plans but all the other members are such an inspiration. Couldn’t be happier.

Cheryl A.
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CFDF Meal Plan Subscribers

Thank you for the Simple Plans, they are amazing! They help me stay on track with a healthy Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle.

Julie H.
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