Eating More Plants and Feeling a lot Better Emotionally

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Clean Food Dirty Girl Plant Based Meal Plan Review

I needed someone to give me a [meal] plan to take the guesswork out shopping, cooking, and meal planning. I was tired of throwing away foods that I had good intentions for but never seemed to use.

Every week a new email alert prepares you for next week’s meals. It’s always different, and it’s a theme. They give you a grocery list of what you need and then instructions on preparing for cooking throughout the week. It saves a lot of time trying to figure out a lot of stuff like what to make, how much to buy, how much time it will take.

It’s almost like dance rehearsal on the weekend and then the performance throughout the week.

I’m eating more plants, and I feel a lot better emotionally in the kitchen. I’ve been a paid supporter for a few years, but now I’m no longer a spectator. I’ve just recently started USING the plans instead of admiring how pretty the art of the presentation of weekly meals is.

This system provided an organized and balanced menu for the week- let alone the day?

Michelle M.

Norristown, PA

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