Every Time We Get Hungry, We Have a Choice


Life is wonderful and hard and beautiful and devastating and magical and painful and exhilarating. And through it all, we have to eat. 

It doesn’t matter how stacked or free our schedule is.
It doesn’t matter if we live in a trailer or a four-story house.
If we’re in Dallas or Dubai. 
If we’re in love, in grief, or both.
If we’re having a horrible day or the best day ever. 
Whatever the circumstances, we have to put food in our mouths, chew, and swallow. 

Every time we get hungry, we have a choice

We can choose to eat stuff that works for us or choose to eat stuff that works against us.

We can peel open a bag of chips, or we can peel open a banana.
We can pour boxed cereal into a bowl or scoop oats into a bowl
We can grab a store-bought deli sandwich, or we can pack our own. (Like this insanely yummy Baked Tofu Caesar Sandwich.)

We can order pizza, or we can cook some rice, whip up some Easy Oil-Free Sautéed Vegetables, and open a can of beans. 

We have three opportunities a day to eat stuff that helps us thrive 

It might take learning some kitchen basics and setting aside some time each week to meal plan and prep plant based meals, but once that’s done, the choice to eat food that works for us gets a helluva lot easier. 

Every meal is a choice 

We gotta eat either way. What choice will you make the next time you get hungry? Talk to me in the comments below. 

“Love the food that loves you back.”

Molly Patrick

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  1. Carol on February 21, 2024 at 5:55 pm

    Molly, I love your emails and blog posts. They help me so much remember the beauty of life and the need to take care of myself so I can soak up all of my beautiful life.

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