Plant Fueled Meal Plans: Follow Along for Five Nights of Flavor


Let’s say you love eating healthy foods and you want to take your meals to the next level. You’re sick of the same old salad and oil-filled dressing. All you want is the absolute-most-bestest plant based recipes around. Is that too much to ask? We think not!

Then you found some random plant based website… clean fooddirty girl? Is it food porn? Regular porn? Gardening? Who is this girl, and why is she dirty? Oh, they have plant based recipes and meal plans that people say are orgasmic. Got it!  You wipe the drool off your phone after seeing the recipes on our blog, and want to learn more about the meal plans our community is always raving about. Since you’re so damn smart, you find this post, and you’re ready to see how our meal plans work!

Let’s dive in. 

First, our handcrafted plant based meal plans and centered around batch cooking. They’re free of meat, dairy, oil, eggs, and overly processed ingredients and are only available in Plant Fueled Life

1. Pick a meal plan

Say goodbye to decision fatigue and follow along for five nights of flavor. Our Featured Wizard Plans, which include a Gourmet and a Simple plan each week. make it easy to pick.

If you have 3-4 hours to dedicate to batch cooking, go for the Gourmet plan. These take more time but are so worth it!

Short on time? Choose the Simple plan, which takes 1-2 hours, typically. Today we’re looking at Simple Mixed Bag.

If the Featured Wizard Plans don’t have your tastebuds dancing, choose from our expansive selection of plant based meal plans, each handcrafted by our recipe developers, AKA Wizards. We don’t call them Wizard Plans for nothing!

Bonus tip: want to plan your breakfasts and lunches too? You can add a Wizard Plan to your Magic Meal Planner, and you can build a week’s worth of yum in no time!

2. Customize your plan

Let’s review Simple Mixed Bag (which our members love) and customize it.  First, check out the meals within the plan. Does everything look good? Of course, it does!

Setting your servings

If you want to make more or less of any meal, you can customize your servings with a simple drop down selection. 

change servings on a meal planner

Have plans this week and don’t need five dinners? No prob, Bob! Simply select 0 servings on whichever meal you want to skip.

We’ll do the math

Once you have your servings set, Plant Fueled Life will magically calculate precisely what you need to buy and how much you’ll need to batch. If you plan on consistently batching for the same number of people, you can set your default servings in your account and skip this, saving time for our next step: grocery shopping. 

3. Go grocery shopping

We suggest grocery shopping one day, then batching the following day.

Your digital shopping list 

Stay logged in on your phone and check off groceries as you place them in your cart. You can also print the list, but if you’re anything like us, you’d probably forget it on the fridge anyway. Since you might have to visit more than one store as you build your pantry, the digital list makes it super easy to see what’s left to grab. We break down items by department, so say goodbye to walking down the same aisle multiple times.

Shopping for produce 

The majority of your foods will be from the produce section (cute basket not included). We’ll show you exactly how much to buy and which recipes items are used for. This helps eliminate food waste and saves money.

Bulk & packaged

If this is your first time batching a Wizard Plan, you might hesitate at the list of bulk and packaged foods. Trust us, once you have the majority of plant based pantry staple ingredients at home, grocery shopping will be a breeze.

Spice it up

We bring the flavor and use a variety of spices. We suggest shopping in bulk when possible to save big. International markets often have bagged spices for cheap.

Finding what you need is easy with Plant Fueled Life. We have info tips with pictures of each item, so you know what to look for.

Bonus tip: add custom items to your grocery list.

4. Time to batch

Batch cooking is an absolute game-changer when it comes to eating a whole food plant based diet. Simple plans like Simple Mixed Bag have just five batching recipes.

For this plan, we will be batching:

  1. Thai Peanut Sauce
  2. Creamy Greek Dressing
  3. Zesty Italian Tofu Crumbles
  4. Green Onion Cilantro Rice
  5. Zuppa Toscana (Tuscan soup) Base

Prep if you please

If you like to prep your ingredients before cooking, we’ll tell you which ingredients to slice, dice, squeeze, and more in the Mise en Place (Prep) list. Not sure how to press tofu? Tap on the grey play button for helpful prep videos.

Getting everything ready to go makes a smooth batch. Some members measure out their spices the night before batching or enlist a friend or family member to do the chopping. The more you batch, the more you’ll find your flow. Now that your ingredients are prepped, it’s time to batch!

Bonus tip: we have dozens of prep videos to help you become a pro in the kitchen.

Batching with ease

We strategically outline exactly what you need to batch to maximize kitchen productivity. We’ll show you how much of each batching recipe is used for each meal, interactive checkboxes to keep track of your progress, and more.

features of plant fueled life

Get your Pyrex ready to store these batched works of art! If you need to store portions in the freezer, look for the snowflake icon, which indicates the recipe freezes well.

Once you’re done batching and checking things off, the meal tab will show which component recipes you’ve already made for each meal.

Anything noted under Meal Night Recipes is best made night of.

Bonus tip: since you checked things off as you cooked, all your creations will be logged in your Cooking Journal.

If you’re new to batch cooking, start here

5. Meal nights

Since you did most of the work by batching, meals come together in about 20 minutes. Simply navigate to your meal plan and tap “View Recipe” to see how to put together your meal.

meal prep batching steps in plant fueled life

Our first meal is the Build-Your-Own Thai Peanut Veggie Rice Bowl. You’ve already batched three of the items needed. Simply follow the remaining directions and enjoy!

add notes to meal plans or recipes in plant fueled life

Next, we’ll make Greek Lettuce Wraps with a side of Grapes. Most of your work is done, just assemble it according to the directions. If you’re a paper person, you can download the individual recipe (or the entire Wizard Plan!).

best reviewed plant based meal plans

Our third meal this week is Zuppa Toscana (Tuscan Soup) and Sliced Baguette. Tap the reviews to see how other members enjoyed this deliciousness! 

vegan plant based recipes with nutrition facts

Next is the Saucy Salsa Black Beans & Rice. Have we mentioned that nutrition information is available for each recipe?

best plant based meal planner

Last but certainly not least, let’s enjoy the Italian Tofu Sausage Stuffed Salad Burrito. By following the measurements, you should have exactly what you need to wrap up this tasty meal plan.

Bonus tip: we have a feeling you’ll be batching this plan again! Tap the reset icon to restore the plan to default.

Let us take plant based meal planning off your plate

If you want to stop stressing about what to cook each week, start a free 10-day trial today and follow a Plant Fueled Life meal plan. Pick one of the meal plans from our Best for Beginners collection (which includes Simple Mixed Bag!) and prepare to amaze yourself. 

Then, join us in our Facebook group and read our Plant Fueled Life reviews on how becoming a member empowered people to change their diet, health, and even their relationship with their bodies.

Mouthgasms are just the beginning, my friend. 

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