Dieting is a Bitch of a Cycle Not Unlike Abusive Relationships + Plant Based Rich Dessert Bites


Today I’m gonna cut to it and make this really easy for you.

Losing weight does not have to be a difficult and complicated struggle. I mean, you can make it into that if you want, but that choice is entirely yours. It can be easy, effortless, and dare I say….enjoyable. Oh yes, I dare – I double dog dare, I double downward facing dog dare.

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First up.

Diets are shit because they’re a pain in the ass, they suck to be on, and they don’t work. You might lose some weight in the beginning, but every dieter knows that when the diet is over, the weight comes back and then more weight magically appears. And then getting rid of that weight is even harder than it was in the first place.

Dieting is a bitch of a cycle that isn’t unlike an abusive relationship. You want it to work. You give it another shot. And then you’re sad but not surprised when you get burned in the end…again.

You vow never to go back and then one day you find yourself at the kitchen table, adding up the calories in your lunch, scratching bread off from your shopping list, and feeling terrible about yourself because you’ve been down this road so many times and you know it doesn’t work.

People continue to diet because they don’t know what else to do and they want to lose some damn weight. I get it. Dropping excess pounds helps in lowering bad cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, prevents certain types of cancers, protects against type 2 diabetes, makes it easier to breathe, increases energy throughout the day, increases sleep quality, and gives a confidence boost. Plus it feels damn good to fit into our clothes better.

So from a health perspective, there are lots of reasons to drop extra weight. And since diets don’t work, we can set them aside and never think about going on another one ever again.

Zone, South Beach, Atkins, DASH, Biggest Loser, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig — none of them provide a healthy long term solution, so let’s pack em’ up and ship em’ out. They can go in the same box with the vibrating fat belt, the heated belly wraps, the Garcinia Cambogia and the abusive ex. Later alligators.

Deep breath out – feel the weight start to lift already.

Okay – now that dieting is off the table (thank you little baby Jesus), how are we going to get your bod down to a super healthy weight for the rest of your life without giving it much effort?

Exercise you say? Well, you could exercise like a mad person if you wanted, but as it turns out, reaching a healthy weight has everything to do with what you put in your mouth and not so much with how many hours you spend on the treadmill. Which is awesome news because treadmills are evil bastards that literally get you nowhere.

My personal hate for treadmills aside, exercise is great for lots of things. It keeps bones healthy and strong, it puts us in a damn good mood, it makes our arms sexy and swole, and it gives us energy. But it is not the determining factor in whether or not we can fit our ass comfortably into those jeans from 10 years ago.

So diets are out and exercise has been put in its place. Where should we go from here? Take my hand, I’m bringing you to a little place called Plant Town where shit is about to get a whole lot easier for you.

Here’s the deal. In order to easily lose weight and keep it off for good, all you have to do is eat a diet full of whole plant foods. That’s it. Your body will take care of the rest.

There are no tricks.
This isn’t magic.
You don’t have to keep track of calories or points.
You don’t have to count carbs or protein.
You don’t have to buy pre-made meals, powders or shakes.

All you have to do is eat a wide range of whole plant foods in their natural state or as close to their natural state as possible every time you get hungry, and then stop eating when you’re no longer hungry. When this happens on the daily, extra weight will peel right off. Just like a banana.

It doesn’t get easier than that.

Now – you might start this journey because you want to lose weight, but what you’ll quickly find is that it’s not about the weight at all.

This is a paradigm shift which results in healing your relationship with food for the rest of your life.

  • This is about upgrading your overall health.
  • It’s about reevaluating the role that food plays in your life.
  • It’s about getting and staying off of medication.
  • It’s about reconnecting with your body.
  • It’s about being empowered and informed so that you can make the best decisions about what to put in that gorgeous body of yours, so that it works for you and not against you.
  • It’s about taking your life and living like you fucking mean it.

Losing weight is just a bonus, a little somin’ extra, a party favor, if you will.

This is a lifestyle that transcends scales, diets and traditional thinking about nutrition, weight and health. And if you allow it to, this will change the course of your entire life.

I make it all super easy for you in my weekly Plant Fueled Meal Plans and if you join me, you’ll not only understand, you’ll see for yourself why eating a Whole Food Plant Based diet is the only way of eating that has been shown to have long term results for weight loss and SO MUCH MORE. You’ll also understand exactly how to do it, because all you have to do is follow along.

But it basically comes down to the fact that losing weight in a way that’s healthy and sustainable has everything to do with the quality of the calories that you eat and not about the quantity of the calories that you eat.

When we eat the right stuff, we can eat the same amount or more than we’re used to eating and still lose weight until we reach the perfect weight for our frame. And then we just hang out there, chillin’ at our ideal weight, sporting our favorite clothes and looking damn good while doing it, without a hint of deprivation in sight.

Here’s why.

When we make the swap from eating low fiber, high fat animal based foods and processed foods to eating high fiber, complex carbohydrate rich plant foods, we end up eating the same amount of food or more, but we eat far fewer calories in the process without even trying.

This is because one gram of fat packs
in 9 calories, whereas one gram of carbohydrate has only 4 calories.
And our body tells us to stop eating based on the weight of each meal, not the calories consumed in each meal.

Since the Whole Food Plant Based diet is focused around complex carbohydrates, not fat (like diets that incorporate animal based foods and processed foods), we can eat until we’re totally satisfied, never count calories or macronutrients and still lose weight. This is because we’re eating the same amount of food but consuming half the calories.

When we eat the right fuel, weight loss is almost automatic.

Here’s another thing to keep in mind. The way of eating that helps us easily lose weight and keep it off is the same way of eating that lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, protects us from chronic illness and disease, makes our skin glow and boosts our immune system.

It’s kind of like when I stopped drinking and then quit smoking as a result of that – a total win win.

If you’re ready to stop making this so hard on yourself and just lose some weight already, join us. Easy peasy. No need to overthink it. Check out the Meal Plans here. 

Have you been on diet after diet? Talk to me about it in the comments below!

Today’s recipe is perfect if you need a treat. Eat a square or two of these instead of cookies or cake.

Whole Food Plant Based Rich Dessert Bites

Makes 1 8x8 baking dish / 4 servings
Author: Molly Patrick of Clean Food Dirty Girl


  • 1 cup of dried fruit I used 1/2 cup cherries / 80 g and 1/2 cup raisins / 70 g
  • 1/2 cup dried, pitted dates 95 g
  • 1 1/4 cups rolled oats 120 g
  • 1 cup walnuts 100 g
  • 1 cup dried unsweetened coconut flakes or shreds 40 g
  • 1/4 cup ground flaxseeds 20 g
  • 2 tablespoons creamy almond butter
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 pinch salt (optional)


  • Place the dried fruit and the dates into your food processor and pulse a few times to chop everything up. Add the rest of the ingredients and process for a minute or so until everything is well combined.
  • Transfer the mixture into an 8-inch glass dish and firmly press the mixture into the dish so it’s packed down and even. Tip: Use a flat bottomed glass to help pack it firmly in place.
  • Cover the dish and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.
  • Store in the fridge and cut pieces as you want to eat them, or cut them into small squares and store them already cut in a sealed container.


We also tested this recipe using 1/2 cup pecans + 1/2 cup shelled sunflower seeds in lieu of the walnuts and it was delicious!










Written by ex-boozer, ex-smoker, Co-founder, and CEO, Molly Patrick. They will help you eat more plants while throwing perfection down the garbage disposal.

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