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Here’s To Your Journey With Plants + Whole Food Plant Based Sweet Potato Bean Hash (oil free)

Lost Your Zest For Life? Read This + The Best Whole Food Plant Based Meatloaf

Dirty Girl Erin Wisneski Says Goodbye to Seasonal Allergies, Acne and Acid Reflux (video) + Plant Based Lentil Chia Burgers

Take A Pause And Do This + Basil Crusted Baked Tofu (Oil Free)

All About Cheese with Dr. Neal Barnard (video) + Plant Based Tofu Ricotta (oil free)

Batching Shortcuts Part Two + Hearty Plant Based Shepherd’s Pie

Oil-Free Lentil and Red Bean Chili (Instant Pot or Stovetop)

Oil-Free Basil Eggplant and Tofu

G-Spot, Tacos & Iron + Whole Food Plant Based Creamy Mint Dressing

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