A Plant Fueled Mother’s Day

Plant Fueled LIfe Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

As a woman-owned business with mostly women members, we are surrounded by motherly love, motherly instincts, and motherly transformations.

We’ve put together some of the most powerful stories from members and a few from Team Dirty. Our stories may look different, but they’re all connected by mutual humanness.

Sam: finding health and strength with plants

Sam: finding health and strength with plants

After having her second child, Sam realized her health was preventing her from being the mother she wanted to be. Her doctor recommended a whole food plant based diet, leading her to Clean Food Dirty Girl in 2017. She’s released over 100 pounds and has kept it off for more than five years with the help of our Wizard Plans. She shares her challenges and wins as a plant based mom.

Melissa: changing the cycle

Melissa: changing the cycle

Corn dogs, ramen, pizza, and fast food made up the bulk of Melissa’s meals growing up, so it’s no surprise she struggled with healthy eating. Having kids lit a spark in Melissa. She was determined to make a change, and she damn well did! She learned how to eat well and became an example for her kids. Read how making the change to a whole food plant based lifestyle empowered her.

​​Cathena: rocking the plant based game as a single mom

Cathena: rocking the plant based game as a single mom

Cathena has two teenage girls and works full-time as a Nurse Case Manager. She follows our Wizard Plans and cooks for her family. Since going plant based, she has enjoyed better sleep, improved gut health, and increased energy. Giving herself wiggle room has been key to rocking her Plant Fueled Life. She offers tricks for batch cooking and lots of laughs in this video chat.

Kristen: finding health through grief

Kristen: finding health through grief

Tragedy struck when Kristen’s son died prematurely. A friend gifted her a Plant Fueled Life membership to help Kristen eat well during unimaginable heartache. The Wizard Plans were a constant in her life, and she put her grieving energy into cooking for herself and her three children. Kristen’s life has been a roller coaster, but she continued to stay the course with eating plants, and her story is incredibly powerful.

Pamela: out-hiking her daughters at 70  plant based senior

Pamela: out-hiking her daughters in her 70’s

Meet Pamela Patrick. She is the mother of three daughters (including our Co-Founder, Molly), has been eating plant based since 1997, and hasn’t had any health problems since. She’ll be 78 this year (current pic above), is on zero medications, has more energy than people half her age, loves to travel, and is always on the go–watch the video chat.

Lisa: overcoming food addiction and staying active with her son

Lisa: overcoming food addiction and staying active with her son

Lisa had always been overweight, but she’d never really minded. This all changed when she realized she couldn’t play with her son the way she wanted. She discovered the whole food plant based lifestyle, and her changes were so powerful she was able to avoid weight loss surgery! She is now living life to the fullest, raising an amazing son, and being an example of what is possible. Grab the tissues and watch this moving chat.

 Lyndsey: a mother’s love that transcends biology

Lyndsey: a mother’s love that transcends biology

Not everyone’s Mother’s Day is all hugs and brunches with their bio-mom, and Lyndsey knows that firsthand. She’s a Southern spitfire and a long-time community member. Maybe you’ve seen her in our Facebook Group. She is passionate about plants and wrote a beautiful piece on how to get through Mother’s Day when your biological mom doesn’t have the capacity to show you love.

Beth: staying active in her 60s and building a community around food

Beth: staying active in her 60s and building a community around food

Beth started cooking our Wizard Plans in 2017 and was shocked by how tasty the recipes were. Her energy skyrocketed, and her blood glucose and triglycerides dropped to a normal range in six months. She uses her newfound energy to show her parents love by cooking plant based for them. Hear more of her wisdom.

Which story do you resonate with?

What are you going to do for Mother’s Day?

Perhaps you’ll hug your children a little longer. Maybe you hold space to honor your departed mom. Or perhaps you’ll remind yourself of the motherly love in your life, wherever you find it. Honor whatever that is or isn’t.

We hope you’ll do something kind for yourself.

Now that we got out all the feels, we will create this plant based brunch board and batch Mommy’s Day Wizard Plan. We’d love for you to share your feels in the comments below or a story about the motherly love in your life.

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