Sharing the Magic of a Plant Based Diet

Life changing plant based meal plans

A year ago this month a friend bought me a month-long meal plan following the premature death of my son. She thought it would make my life easier if I had healthy food and a plan to make it. Neither she nor I would know that in 2019 I’d not only face his death but 6 others in my family, a mental ward stay for my teenage son, and marital separation.

Having Meal Plans was a constant in my life. The thing I knew I could rely on was to always be there. I was able to put my grieving energy into cooking and offer my 3 children the health that comes with it.

I’m not totally PB [plant based]. But I am mostly and it’s changed my life and allowed me to change the lives of others by sharing the magic. Thank you for everything you’ve given me, both the community and the food.

Edit: holy moly y’all. The LOVE that radiates from this group is indescribable! When you wonder how one can endure this much I will share my mantra with you: Anchor in Gratitude. It’s the thing that keeps me going.

Kristen Howden


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