Would you rather have it suck now or suck later?

Molly asks "would you rather have it suck now or suck later?"

Is it a struggle for you to eat healthy food on a consistent basis? 

If your answer is, “Duh, this is my life,” read on, friend. 

When it comes to batch cooking delicious plants, sometimes you wake up energized and ready to get in your kitchen, slap on some tunes, and shake that ass in front of the cutting board. 

Other times, you wake up, drag your kneecaps to the toilet, do your business, and then stay there until your legs go numb, scrolling mindlessly because you don’t feel like adulting just yet. 

On days you’re NOT feeling the kitchen and the last thing you want to do is interact with a cutting board, consider this:

Would you rather have it suck now or suck later?

If you would rather have it suck now, embrace the suck. Drag your ass (and your kneecaps) to the kitchen by whatever means necessary and get to work. Your cutting board awaits. 

If you would rather have it suck later, take it easy and do whatever feels nice. Go back to bed, read a book, go for a walk, call a friend, take the kids to the park, paint, have an awesome time NOT cooking. Then, when the start of the week rolls around and you don’t have food in your fridge ready to go, be prepared for the suck that accompanies that. 

When it’s time to cook on Saturday morning, my brain often tells me that I should definitely delay the suck and go have fun instead of chopping and dicing plants in my kitchen. At that point I push back and tell my brain I’m going to delay gratification instead because I know my fun will be even sweeter once my cooking is done for the week. That’s all I need to rally.

✔️ I make a cup of green tea.
✔️ Pull my hair into a bun.  
✔️ Put on Whitney Houston.
✔️ Tie an apron around my waist.
✔️ And I do the damn thing. 

If you choose for it to suck now, it won’t suck later. 

If you choose to not have it suck now, it will suck later. 

You can’t escape the suck, but the timing is totally up to you.


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