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Southern is a member-favorite plant based meal plan featuring tasty vegan Southern food with a Dirty twist.

This is one of my very favorite plans. Every meal is excellent and the batch is pretty easy. Serious comfort food!

Emily, Plant Fueled Life member

Gourmet Plant Based Meal Plan

Saucy Southern Beans with Cornbread and Smoky Collard Greens combines sweet and saucy pinto beans with smoky greens. Serve with hearty cornbread for a delightful meal.

This is a perfect meal.

Cassandra, Plant Fueled Life member

Make breakfast an event or do breakfast-for-dinner with style. Southern Style Breakfast Bowl with Home Fries & Maple-Glazed Tofu Steaks and Big Green Salad is a dazzling meal that combines savory home fries drizzled with a kickass cheesy sauce and serves up sweet and smoky maple tofu steaks. A crispy green salad with yummy dressing makes this a meal you won’t soon forget!

A vegan Southern burrito? Yep! Our Stuffed Beans & Greens Burrito is a delicious mash-up. Stuff a tortilla with saucy southern beans, cheesy sauce, southern-style home fries, and smoky collard greens for a taste sensation.

Keep things simple with Broccoli Mac & Cheese and Heirloom Tomatoes. Macaroni is covered in cheesy sauce, topped with tender broccoli, and served with sliced tomatoes. Any Southerner knows that the best way to eat ripe, juicy heirloom tomatoes is to slice ‘em up and serve ‘em just as they are.

A traditional Cobb salad is done Dirty-style with our Southern Cobb Salad with Sweet Onion Dressing. Bacon-y maple-glazed tofu, loads of veggies, vegan and oil-free cornbread croutons, and a sensational dressing make this salad crave-worthy.

Simple Southern

All that Southern flavor in a fraction of the time. Simple Southern is a streamlined plant based meal plan designed to help you get nutritious, slap-ya-mama good food on the table fast. You’ll be chowing down in no time.

  1. Saucy Southern Beans on Toast and Peaches
  2. Southern Home Fries Breakfast Bowl with Maple-Glazed Tofu Steaks
  3. Simple Beans & Greens Burrito 
  4. Broccoli Mac & Cheese and Heirloom Tomatoes 
  5. Simple Southern Cobb Salad

All the yums, none of the drawbacks

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Plant Fueled Life was a game changer as a vegan living in a house of carnivores!

Briana Taylor, Plant Fueled Life member

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