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Take your taste buds on a #Nordic adventure! A bold plant based meal plan from Wizard Jen that will have you traveling through Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden where you’ll find tradition-inspired dishes done in deliciously Dirty style.

Chazz, our wonderful meal plan tester, was able to knock this Gourmet plan batch out in 2½ hours. She’s an expert batcher who has refined her kitchen mojo. If your batching time is longer, that’s A-ok! Practice is the key to refine your own batching process.

Let’s learn a bit about the history of this week’s Nordic plant based menu:

Finnish Meatballs (Lihapullat) and Boiled Herb Potatoes with Savory Cream Sauce
You may associate meatballs with the Swedish, but the Finns love them, too! They’re traditionally eaten at celebrations like Christmas.

Potatoes were introduced to European diets after Europeans began traveling to the Americas, and they quickly became a darling drop of colder climates. You’ll find them to be an important part of traditional cuisines throughout the Nordic region.

Danish Open-faced Sandwich (Smorrebrod) and Cucumber Salad (Agurkesalat)
Bread is a foundation of Danish cuisine, and Smorrebrod is nothing if not a celebration of bread, specifically dark bread like rye. These open-faced sandwiches are traditionally topped with anything from meats to cheese to veggies and pickles. Smorrebrod is so beloved by the Danes that poet Johan Herman Wessel wrote a classic poem about it.

Agurkesalat is a Danish cucumber salad where the cucumbers are quick-pickled. In general, pickling food has a long tradition in Denmark because it’s a reliable way to preserve food over harsh winters when fewer fresh options are available.

Caraway Cauliflower, Mushroom & Cabbage Skillet and Fresh Fruit
You’ll find many takes on hearty winter vegetables throughout the Nordic region. This dish is seasoned with Caraway, one of the most popular spices in the region. Its light anise flavor lends itself to the licorice-loving Nordic palette.

Swedish Yellow Pea Soup (Ärtsoppa) and Very Berry Jam Crostini
This yellow pea soup is a Swedish classic rumored to have been around since the Middle Ages. And it wouldn’t be a Nordic plan without a berry jam. Berry jam, traditionally made with lingonberries, accompanies almost every type of dish in Sweden, both for a sweet kick, and also to complement other flavors.

Norwegian Raw Food Salad (Råkostsalat) & Aromatic Herb Quinoa Bowl
Råkostsalat literally translates to raw food salad and is a Norwegian vegetable-based dish either served with fish or eaten on its own for its nutritional properties. The dish varies widely based on where and when it’s made since it’s a great way to feature local and seasonal produce.


Gourmet Plant Based Menu

Finnish Meatballs
Danish Open-faced Sandwich (Smorrebrod) and Cucumber Salad (Agurkesalat)
Caraway Cauliflower, Mushroom & Cabbage Skillet and Fresh Fruit
Swedish Yellow Pea Soup (Ärtsoppa) and Very Berry Jam Crostini
Norwegian Raw Food Salad (Råkostsalat) & Aromatic Herb Quinoa Bowl

Simple Nordic

Plant Based & Gluten Free Menu

If you’ve ever found yourself wanting a quicker batch day, wanting simpler meals with fewer sides and extras throughout the week, or generally wanting to spend less time in your kitchen, we have you swaddled up and taken care of!

Our Simple Meal Plans are inspired by our Gourmet Meal Plans. They are quicker to batch. SimpleNordic is a delicious way to experience our Dirty take on Nordic cuisine without the time commitment. Both the Simple and the Gourmet plans are loaded up in the classroom waiting for you to cook and NOM!

  • Potato Wrap
  • White Bean Tuna Nicoise Salad
  • Yellow Pea Soup and Avocado Toast
  • White Bean Tuna Sandwich
  • Raw Food Salad Bowl

P.S. Take a look at the subscriber’s love for happy healthy wins!

“Despite the fact that #France has some of my family’s favorite recipes ever, I’ve never made the White Bean Tuna Salad until I looked at SimpleNordic last Sunday and thought it would be a great addition to our lunch routines (I make Clean Food Dirty Girl #pfmp food for lunch and dinner). Everyone refused to eat it, despite my pleas to just try it. So I gave up and made our usual Curry Chickpea Salad from the blog today, filled a 48 ounce container, and put it in the fridge.

And then the texts started to come in today. “What is this delicious white bean salad? This shit is magic!” and “MOM! I really like this!” And the kicker, “OMG, this is better than curry chickpea salad. Make this instead.”

So if you haven’t made it, it now comes highly recommended from my hesitant family. My husband spread the lemon pepper mayo on the bread like the true midwestern boy he is, and said it was fantastic that way.”

Plant Fueled Life Member

“We’re eating #Nordic at my house this week and oh my goodness, the Finnish meatballs! That’s not a dish I’d typically seek out of my own accord, but it was so good. I’m a little bummed I don’t have enough leftovers to have it for tomorrow’s lunch.”

Plant Fueled Life Member

“Y’all. A couple of thoughts on Ärtsoppa and grace.

This Swede just ate ärtsoppa for the first time in her life!! Thank you #Nordic ??

I swear that thing didn’t taste anything like my childhood pea soups. Cuz those were nasty! Or were they….? I dont know now! I think the smell put me off back then.

I made 12 servings of the soup, and a shit ton of Swedish pancakes! 8 guests and they loved it!

(Old tradition in Sweden is

Ärtsoppa and pancakes on Thursdays. Not together like my son thought, first soup, then pancakes. ?)

Pic from before the soup had been partially blended.

And grace y’all. Seriously.

I’ve been beating myself up for a couple of YEARS for not keeping up with the meal plans. Not even close. Like maybe a recipe a month, or biweekly if lucky.

Then Monday this week I was told I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Now, I’m not even sure what that means yet. Or even for me personally (I’m sure it affects peoples lives differently). But from the brief explanation I got on Monday so many pieces fell into place.

I’m not lazy. I’m not crazy. I’m not any of the negatives I’ve been thanking about myself. What a flerking relief!

And with knowing that came acceptance. And grace for myself. And

Ärtsoppa! ❤”

Plant Fueled Life Member

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