87: Anthony Masiello Shares His Health Transformation That Superseded the Scale

This episode is a tad sweary.

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87: Anthony Masiello Shares His Health Transformation That Superseded the Scale

Show notes:

Imagine you’re morbidly obese. The uncomfortable looks you get on the airplane as people *hope* you don’t choose the seat next to them. You’re sitting on the sidelines at the carnival ride because you’re too big to ride the train with your toddler. Frequent migraines, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, the list goes on.

At age 33 and 360 pounds, these experiences were Anthony Masiello’s reality. He reached a crossroads when he was denied a 20-year life insurance policy. He knew he had to do something different, but where to start? He was already vegetarian and alcohol-free. In January 2006, he committed to losing weight. His  New Year’s resolution turned into something much more powerful when he discovered plant based eating.

Tune into this episode to learn how he lost over 160 pounds during a transformation that superseded the scale. Anthony is the Co-Founder and CEO of Love.Life Telehealth, a company that is helping people access lifestyle medicine to make lasting healthy changes.

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