Deb Upped her Cooking Game with Plant Based Meal Plans

Upped her Cooking Game with CFDG Plant Based Meal Plans

What motivated you to sign up for our Meal Plans?

I had just become fully plant based, and wanted to learn to cook all the yummy food I was seeing in the CFDG Facebook group! I LOVE recipes, and wanted to up my cooking game! Fantastic. Fabulous. And over the top delicious! I have not once regretted signing up.

How would you describe our recipes and Meal Plans to your best friend?

I was having a hard time with variety. I had some recipes that I had converted to plant based easily, and I already wasn’t using ingredients with additives (etc.) because I have food intolerances. However, it became a little tedious eating the same things consistently.

I didn’t really LIKE cooking. It felt like a chore.

After I signed up and started the Meal Plans, I found out that I actually LOVE cooking! I now list it as one of my hobbies.

What were you having a hard time with before you signed up that our Meal Plans helped with?

I feel better. Like a lot better! I spent many years exhausted and feeling terrible, trying anything and everything.

After several years where I couldn’t even exercise, I’m able to exercise without any repercussions! I also cook many foods now that I wasn’t able to eat in restaurants because I have food intolerances.

I have made pho!
I have made poutine!
I have made pizza!

I’m just so happy it’s hard to put into words.

Deb, Meal Plan Lover

How have our Meal Plans helped you? How is your life different now that you are using our Meal Plans?

I love the comradery I have experienced through CFDG! The recipes are restaurant-worthy (my husband’s words) and learning a love of cooking I didn’t know I had makes my life so much better!

Deb Iacino


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