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What they say about our Meal Plans

Intrigued by Clean Food Dirty Girl Meal Plans and Batching Instructions

OMFG! We just had the Open-faced Reuben Burger (but we had them as a regular sandwich) for dinner. SO GOOD! And that Tangy Pub-style Cheesy Spread? I put a smidge…

Juanita Franklin
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Plant Based Diet Lowers Blood Sugar in Just Six Weeks!

Woo Hoo, Dirties! [After] just six weeks of eating [plant based] this way and my fasting blood sugar has dropped from 115 to 102. I have been trying to do…

Nancy Taylor
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Plant Based Meal Plans have changed my life!

I was trying to transition myself and my husband to a plant-based diet for a solid year before trying the meal plans. I had read all the books and knew…

Megan Lockhart
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Life changing plant based meal plans

A year ago this month a friend bought me a month-long meal plan following the premature death of my son. She thought it would make my life easier if I…

Kristen Howden
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Clean Food Dirty Girl Plant Based Meal Plan Review

I really wanted vegan meal recipes that were flavorful and could be batched. I joined the free Trial Plan and was blown away by how flavorful it was. So I…

Susan E.
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Enhancing well being with plant based meals

After the meal Plans I’m much more conscious of what I’m putting into my body, I view each meal as an opportunity to enhance my well-being with every delicious meal.

Mary Ann Scanlon
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Love the food that loves you back

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