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I now have much more confidence to invite people for dinner because I know the WFPB (whole food plant based) food I serve is delicious.

Anne-Marie Benthum
Plant based in the Netherlands

It's been such a blessing that I stumbled on this site. Not only the recipes and meal plans but all the other members are such an inspiration. Couldn't be happier.
Cheryl A
New York, USA

The meal development is amazing and the recipes are so professional. They are five star vegan restaurant quality. Everything is so well done.

Cristina G
Vegan in Maryland, USA

The CFDG team writes the meal plans in a way that shopping lists, batch cooking instructions and meal night prep is so simply laid out and easy as pie to follow! You spend a few hours a week doing your “batch cooking” which frees you up on your busy weeknight.

Sam B
Plant based in Arizona, USA

Plant Based in Virginia[Before the Plant Based Meal Plans] I was eating the same things on repeat, or getting Chinese food or pizza. I no longer struggle with grocery lists, what's for dinner, what's for lunch... I have that all at my fingertips now. I spend no time worrying about what I'm gonna cook.

Maria Bailey
Vegan in Virgina, USA

I decided to change my diet to plant based and love the meal plans and recipes. Plant based recipes that even meat eaters enjoy. The variety makes it easy to stay on track. The flavorful recipes don't leave me craving unhealthy food.

Kathy Hill
Healthy Meals in Michigan, USA

I’ve lost 130 lbs eating this way. CFDG (Clean Food Dirty Girl) are pretty much the only recipes I use. I had tried so many WFPB recipes that were just blah. I was getting discouraged and knew that I needed food I was excited about, otherwise, I could regress in my journey. These recipes and meal plans will make your life simpler. You will get excited about your food and look forward to Foreplay Thursday and Meal Plan Friday like you could have never imagined!! Most importantly you will see how delicious WFPB (whole food plant based) food can be!

Lisa L
Plant Powered in Pennsylvania, USA

The meal plans keep me excited every day about what I'm eating. Without the plans, I grab things that are not helping me meet my goals. The meal plans have been life-changing for me! My favorite time of the week is batch day and I look forward to making the food. Thank you. I love the meal plans. I love my food. The meal plans keep me excited every day about what I'm eating.

June Childrey
Vegan in Virgina, USA

Vegan Meal Plan ReviewsBefore the meal plans, I was buying frozen vegan entrees and burgers because chopping vegetables every night was exhausting after working all day. Despite eating plant based I was still having horrid belly issues from the processed foods. When I use the plans, the belly issues are gone. I am less stressed because my meals are ready to go and I do not have to worry about what to make for dinner. We have what's on the menu. It gives me pleasure knowing I have made something restaurant-worthy for my family!

Cynthia H.

Vegan in Michigan, USA


Love the food that loves you back

Molly Patrick
CEO // Clean Food Dirty Girl