Six Weeks of Eating Plant Based and My Fasting Blood Sugar Has Dropped From 115 to 102

Six Weeks of Eating This Way and My Fasting-Blood-Sugar-Has-Dropped-From-115 -to-102

Woo Hoo, Dirties! Just six weeks of eating this way and my fasting blood sugar has dropped from 115 to 102. I have been trying to do that for six years! Below 100 is clearly in sight, thanks to Clean Food Dirty Girl!

I’m sharing what I’m doing with anyone who notices the extra spring in my step. This has been the best change I’ve ever made for myself. I’m healthier, happier, and sharper.

Plus, with recent bloodwork, everything was so much better that I was able to cut back to smaller doses on two meds. I hope I’ll be off of them soon. I’m never going back!

Nancy Geddings Taylor


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