Flavor Trippin’ | Eclectic & Delicious Plant Based Meal Plan

Flavor Trippin Delicious Eclectic Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plan

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Take your taste buds on a trip through time and space with Flavor Trippin’. This eclectic plant based meal plan includes meals inspired by global flavors and classic favorites so good they’ll have you trippin’!

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  • Meal night directions. Simple instructions ensure every dish is plated to perfection, ready to tantalize your taste buds.

Gourmet Plant Based Meal Plan

First, let’s take a trip to the southern hemisphere with our Brazilian-style Black Bean Stew (Feijoada) with Rice and Orange Slices. Feijoada is a rich and smoky black bean stew that’s claimed as the national dish of Brazil. Our plant-powered take replaces the traditional meat with sweet potatoes and carrots. Loaded with flavor, this bowl is served with cooked rice, kale, and fresh oranges. Bom apetite!

Next, we’re heading to the American South. Our ​​Country “Fried” Cauliflower Steaks with Home Fries and Country Gravy are slap-your-momma good! You won’t believe plain ol’ cauliflower can be transformed into breaded, savory, mouth-watering “steaks,” and the 100% plant based Country Gravy will blow your mind. 

“Clean Food Dirty Girl is seriously like being at home, good food, good conversation and those hugs on your heart whenever you need them.”

Maria Haugen Bailey, Plant Fueled Life member

Then, we’ll head to Ireland via Mexico and tickle your taste buds with a fusion of flavors in our Irish Nachos. Cheesy, beefy, fresh, and fun—what’s not to love? This meal will have you feeling afortunado (lucky).

Back to America! It’s always a good time for breakfast food. Bell Pepper & Broccoli Breakfast Bennies is a spin on eggs benedict that layers veggie-powered tofu scramble on toasted English muffins with fresh tomatoes and creamy gravy for a bangin’ taste sensation!

Finally, we’re taking you back—back to the past, that is—with our Retro Thousand Island Salad. This big ass salad is loaded with baby kale, iceberg lettuce, beefy tofu, veggies, and our five-star Thousand Island Dressing for a meal you won’t soon forget!

New to batching?

Simple Flavor Trippin’

Don’t let your busy schedule keep you from trippin’. Get in and out of the kitchen fast with Simple Flavor Trippin’, a streamlined plant based meal plan full of meals dripping with flavor, like the Smoky White Bean Polenta Bowl. Yes, please!

“I’m an exhausted teacher that has been a member for several years. I don’t batch, but with the simple meal plans I can still get a delicious healthy meal on the table with the little energy I have each night. And I save the energy of thinking about what’s for dinner! I love Clean Food Dirty Girl!”

Alicia McCall, Plant Fueled Life member
  1. Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Sesame Edamame
  2. Heartland Burger and Apple “Chips”
  3. Irish Nachos
  4. Smoky White Bean Polenta Bowl
  5. Retro Thousand Island Salad

Eclectic is our middle name

Say goodbye to food ruts and bland food. Plant Fueled Life is full of plant based meal plans and recipes to inspire you, delight you, and surprise you. There’s something for everyone, no matter your tastes or schedule. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free trial and get inspired today.

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