#PeanutLove Plant Based Meal Plan


#PeanutLove is a plant based Meal Plan all about delighting in the creamy, sweet, and earthy flavor of the humble peanut. There’s even a scrumptious dessert to tantalize your taste buds. Allergic to peanuts? No worries! You can easily substitute with your favorite peanut butter alternative. Almond butter and sunflower seed butter are two community faves.

One of our biggest tips for batch cooking is to always remember: There are NO RULES!

This means you get to do what works best for you. Want to batch the full Gourmet plan? Do it! Want to batch just a few of the recipes? Go for it. Want to split batching up into two days? Nothing wrong with that! Want to batch the Simple Plan? Awesome!

Maybe you need to skip batching for the week and just make a soup and a dressing? Use the Recipe Vault section of your classroom and do it!

Think of the Clean Food Dirty Girl classroom as your own personalized digital cookbook (only better because with our classroom you can scale the recipe portions and your grocery list and recipes will be calculated for you).

Don’t be afraid to get into your classroom and play!

Fabulous Meal Plan tester, Wendy, clocked this Gourmet batch at 3½ hours. She’s an expert batcher, so your batch time may be a bit longer.


Gourmet Plant Based Menu

Roasted Garlic Eggplant Falafel Wrap and Cinnamon Dusted Apple Slices
Black Bean Coconut Peanut Stew over Herbed Barley
Thai Peanut Pasta Salad
Basil Baby Bok Choy & Mushroom Stir Fry
Toasted Nuts & Seeds Veggie Loaded Falafel Bowl

Simple Peanut Love

Plant Based & Gluten Free Menu

If you are new to batching the Meal Plans, need a shorter time commitment, or if you want a little less fuss, consider batching SimplePeanutLove.

Our Simple Meal Plans are inspired by our Gourmet Meal Plans, but they are quicker to batch and have fewer components. SimplePeanutLove is a delicious way to experience our Dirty Meal Plans without a longer batch time commitment.

Gluten-free meals in this plan include:

  • Roasted Veggie Bowl
  • Easy Bean Wrap
  • Cold Peanut Noodles
  • Simple Brothy Noodle Bowl
  • Herbed Millet Curry Bowl

Both the Simple and the Gourmet plans are loaded up in the classroom waiting for you to cook and NOM! Meet us over there and let’s get cooking!

Not subscribed to the Clean Food Dirty Girl Meal Plans? Let’s fix that! You can subscribe right here and you’ll get access to all of our Meal Plans, including #PeanutLove and SimplePeanutLove, instantly.

P.S. Check out the rave reviews from a few of our overjoyed subscribers:

“I’m about 2 weeks in on this new plant based journey and I feel FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!! I am no longer bloated, my skin seems more glowy, and my brain is in such a better place than it was a month ago! Thank you for creating such amazingly good food!”


“I chose to try the SimplePeanutLove plan to get the experience of what it would be like. I checked the clock as I pulled out my instant pot: 9:21am. I checked the clock as I took my iPad to snap this pic: 10:21am. HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT!?

Okay, so I haven’t done clean up yet because I’m actually about to also batch the SimpleTrial. Yep. Two plans today. I’m doing only 2 portions of everything from each plan as it’s two of us eating, but I know the effort to go 4 portions is not a lot more.

A bit of additional chopping and measuring. I did not prep the veggies beforehand. If you were worried about the time in the kitchen, don’t be. Try the simple trial and be amazed at what you can do! Greens not photographed but washed and ready for meal day. YOU can do this too!

EDIT to add: second round, started at 10:29am and finished at 11:49am with the burgers in the oven, kitchen as clean as it was before I started but I did not blanch the collards in advance as I’ve not had success with that in the past. I doubled the tofu sausage. SO simple ?”

Plant Fueled Life Member


Yeah, this Cold Peanut Noodle Bowl is [email protected] AMAZEBALLZ!!!


How simple and delicious. Prepped everything when the noodles were cooking and supper was ready in 20 min start to finish (including waiting for damn water to boil).

Just look at this epicness. You HAVE to try this recipe ?”

Plant Fueled Life Member

Let's get batching!

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