Plant Based Diet Helped Reverse Chronic Illness

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Clean Food Dirty Girl Plant Based Meal Plan Review

I gotta just share, because I might NOT have known how much changing my diet with the help of the Clean Food Dirty Girl Meal Plans could improve my health.

A year ago I began subscribing, after years of a chronic illness that had caused my blood pressure to spike to “urgent” levels several times a day, with a gradual escalation of baseline levels despite a complex regime of meds and specialist visits, along with tachycardia, mast cell activation disorder, and related complications.

After a couple of months of mostly following the CFDG Meal Plans, which meant introducing a diversity of plants I had never imagined, and cutting out refined foods and preservatives (and meat and dairy), I was feeling much better.

After doing the Lighten Up program and adding in juicing, movement, and insight about well-being, I was amazingly improved. After a few more months, my PCP [Primary Care Provider] honestly no longer tests me and I miss my former specialists–I’m now one of those simple cases, and happily gave up my long-scheduled checkups in this crazy season.

The plants calmed my over-active immune system, shocking my PCP and me.

I just don’t think I could have made this kind of change if it were not to knock it out of the park DELICIOUS.


Dee J.

North Carolina, USA

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