Words to Live by by Molly Patrick + Team

‘Tis the Season. How To Handle Holiday Stress + Root Veggie Au Gratin
How Do Vegans Get Their Protein and How Much Protein Do You Need? Here’s the 411 + Protein Packed Plant Based Meatballs
So Long Bold Vegan, It’s Been Fun. Hello Clean Food Dirty Girl + Instant Pot Black Beans Perfected
Marinara Sauce
9 Steps to Get You Out Of A Funk + A Simple No Oil, No Sugar Marinara Recipe That’ll Have You Licking Your Plate
Tips for Eating Less Oil + Easy Antipasto Brown Rice Pasta Salad Recipe
Screw Dieting
Weight Loss Through a Whole Food Plant Based Diet – A Client Opens Up For the First Time
Reasons To Avoid Oil and What Gets Me Hot + the Best Vegan Reuben with Tempeh You’ll Ever Eat
tofu salad_no_oil_stacked
The Saturated Fat Debate + Whole Food Plant Based Tofu Salad Recipe
Fats 101: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly + a Quick Quinoa Recipe
Thai Red Coconut Curry
Healthy Foods That Aren’t So Healthy After All and What To Swap Them Out With + Thai Coconut Curry
The Top Nine Most Crappy Processed Foods + a Brownie Recipe With Nothing Crappy In It
The Most Nutrient Dense Foods on the Planet + Insanely Good Baked Sweet Potatoes

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