August 6, 2023 by Molly Patrick

Traveling Beads

When my sister Kirstie was 11, our dad gave her a little container of cool hippie beads. She kept the beads in that container for decades, always putting it in her purse when she traveled. No matter where she went in the world, her “travel beads” went with her. A few years ago, she asked my dad if he would string her a necklace from the beads he’d given her 47 years earlier. With the help of my mom’s nimble fingers, they turned her container of traveling beads into a beautiful traveling necklace.

I’m currently at a hospice center in Idaho, watching my sister go through the process of dying. She has hours, maybe days left. She’s stopped eating and drinking and her body is shutting down.

At the moment she is sleeping, she is out of pain, she is comfortable. She looks as beautiful as ever. Mom and Dad are by her side, holding her hand, their eyes closed, sending her oceans of love. Her whole family is here.

She has on her traveling necklace, nearing her final departure.

Thank you to everyone who has sent her love, prayers, and donations over the past five years. It has made a difference in her life and mine. Here's a recent podcast episode where she thanks everyone.


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