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How To Eat Healthy When Traveling + Tofu Scramble Burrito

You know what doesn’t suck? The British Virgin Islands in December. You know what does suck? Food options in American...

How Do Vegans Get Their Protein and How Much Protein Do You Need? Here’s the 411 + Protein Packed Plant Based Meatballs

One of the most common questions we get asked is; How do vegans get their protein and how much protein...

Why I Give Exactly Zero Fucks About What People Think About my Language + La Farinata

I have some super dirty laundry that’s begging to be aired out. This is like a week of backpacking in...
So fresh and so clean, clean

What’s Up with Vegans and Garbanzo Beans? + Lemony Garbanzo Salad

Hot damn, vegans do like to eat Garbanzo beans (aka Chickpeas)! Go to ANY vegan potluck and there will be...

Vegan Cashew Cheese (yes, it is stupidly easy) – Whole Food Plant Based

If you have read about my passionate love affair with coffee, then you know my desires for food and beverage...

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