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Beet Gazpacho

How To Get Over A Cold Fast: The Exact Steps I Took + Whole Food Plant Based Beet Gazpacho


Crappy Eating Has Nothing To Do With Willpower – Dr Doug Lisle Explains (Video) + Wild Rice Recipe


What You Believe Has a Direct Impact On Your Life + Plant Based Butternut Ginger Bisque 


Batch Cooking Shortcuts That’ll Save You a Ton of Time in the Kitchen + Super Simple Tabouli

I didn't mind the outhouse it was the vampires that terrified me

I Didn’t Mind The Outhouse, It Was The Vampires That Terrified Me


Nutrients That Plant Based Eaters Must be Mindful of (Part 2) – Iron, DHA/EPA and Iodine + Iron and Calcium Rich Smoothie


Breakdown + Juicer-less Green Juice (That’s Not Really Green Because of The Beets)


Oil-Free Lentil and Red Bean Chili (Instant Pot or Stovetop)


Not All Stories Have a Happy Ending + Whole Food Plant Based Split Pea Soup


What Do You Really Want? + Whole Food Plant Based Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich


I May or May Not be Wearing Granny Underpants + Instant Pot Steel Cut Oats


My Top 10 Whole Food Plant Based Snacks + Spanish Quinoa (Instant Pot & Stove Top Directions)

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