I'm Grateful That the Meal Plans and This Group Exist

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I'm-grateful-that-the-meal-plans-and- this-group-exist

I was just stuffing my face with this glorious #BigAssSalad Curried Kale Karma Salad with Sunny Turmeric Tofu but with romaine instead) and was overcome with gratitude and the need to share it with the group. I love salad and have always considered myself fortunate that I do, since it’s easier to eat in a healthy way when you love your leafy greens.

The Big Ass Salads in the recipe vault make it so, so easy and satisfying to follow this way of eating and I’m just so incredibly grateful for it. I’m grateful that the meal plans and this group exists, I’m grateful that I found this group, I’m grateful that I love salad, and I’m grateful for the amazing salad dressings to go along with them.

So thank you #DirtyWizards! You are amazing and I eagerly await your next creation! ??

Marlana Krupp

New York

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