Hell yes, a Plant Fueled Reset is happening

Plant Fueled Reset 2024 with Clean Food Dirty Girl New Year's Fueled by Plants

Are you ready to stop the spiral of unhealthy eating and get back to feeling energetic, healthy, and happy without the frustration of doing it on your own?

unhealthy eating spiral

Imagine sitting at your dining room table on a Friday evening and planning your healthy food for the following week. 

The next morning, you wake up, put on some tunes, and cook a bunch of healthy food for the week ahead. You go to bed feeling proud of yourself for spending time on something that will pay off later.

You go through your week with ease. You don’t have to think about what you’re going to eat or if it’s going to be healthy because your past self took care of that. 

You feel energetic and motivated to make other healthy choices, like going for a walk instead of scrolling on your phone and doing something you’re passionate about instead of numbing yourself with TV. 

You’ve found your plant flow, and not only does it feel good, it looks damn good on you too! Your clothes fit better, your skin is glowing, you look happier, and you’re standing tall. 

THIS is what it feels like to be alive!

I’m Molly Patrick, and I’ve taken my decades of experience helping people transform their lives with plants and designed a system to get you out of the unhealthy eating cycle and back to feeling refreshed, energetic, healthy, and fully alive. 

Our Plant Fueled Reset is coming soon and includes:

The Plant Fueled Reset runs from January 3rd to February 10th, 2024, and you can get more information right here. If you’re ready to get out of the unhealthy eating cycle with a loving community behind you, I hope you’ll join us. 

  • Kitchen & palate refresh to kick off 2024 like the badass you are $199 value
  • Weekly menus so you’re not left wondering what to eat $99 value
  • Six of our signature, handcrafted meal plans to teach you how to batch like a plant based boss $60 value
  • Delicious plant based recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks and more $99 value
  • Live group cooking demos with me $400 value
  • Live group check-ins with me $400 value
  • Exclusive private Facebook community with people who get it $249 value
  • Unlimited access to all content through 2024 $349 value
  • Unlimited email support from my awesome team Priceless
  • Optional VIP group coaching add on for just $50 $1,250 value
  • Bonus: 4-week post-Reset live check-in with me $99 value



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