Beginner’s Guide to a Whole Food Plant Based Diet

Beginner's Guide to a whole food plant based diet

If you’re new to eating a whole food plant based diet, or if you’re just curious, you came to the right spot. It’s worth mentioning that neither whole food plant based eating, diet nor a vegan diet are “diets” in the sense of restricting calories. The term is used here as a description of how…

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My Plant Based France Adventure: Part Two, Corsica

During my epic 2½ months in France, my girlfriend and I hopped a plane to the beautiful island of Corsica (or Corse in French) in the stunning Mediterranean Sea. We rented a car and had a two-week adventure around the island. Corsica is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean and is situated southeast of…

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Becoming That Person

Becoming That Person by Molly Patrick Life Coach

Do you want to write a book, make pottery, stop smoking, run a marathon, start a business, eat plant based, learn a new language, quit eating sugar, or move to a farm and raise 34 baby goats?  In order to do the thing you want to do, you must become the person who does that…

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Announcing Recipe Vault Access in Plant Fueled Life

Plant Fueled Life Recipes Vegan and Oil Free

No matter its size or shape, the human body is a beautiful, miraculous, stunning, complex, highly intelligent organism made up of trillions of cells. TRILLIONS of cells. 🤯 My brain doesn’t know what to do with that information. It’s like when I visited the Musée de Cluny, the medieval museum in Paris, and saw a…

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My Plant Based France Adventure: Part One

Molly Patrick's Plant Based Gluten Free

I’ve been to Europe several times and France has always seemed like the kind of place I would have stopped and explored at some point. But surprisingly, I’ve never been before. This all changed in March of this year when I decided to do a plant based tour of Paris. My girlfriend is Parisian and…

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Six Things That Helped Me Get and Stay Sober

Six Things That Helped Me Get and Stay Sober by Molly Patrick

I knew I was finally ready to get and stay sober when I felt an exhaustion so deep that it was beyond physical. It was an emotional and spiritual depletion that left me feeling so weak that it was hard to make it through a normal day. If an average day was hard to get…

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A Simple Method to Quit Sugar

A Simple Method to Help You Quit Sugar for Good (If You Want To)

We all know processed sugar isn’t great for our bodies, but many struggle to go without it. This isn’t surprising, considering it’s addictive, expected in social gatherings, and widely available. Whether your sweet fix is ice cream, candy, or soda, refined sugar can be beeeeee-yatch to quit.  I’m not saying you should quit sugar because that…

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