Feeding My Meat and Cheese Loving 20-year-old Nephew

molly and her nephew finn

My nephew, Finn, visits me every summer. I always love making him yummy, healthy food when he’s here. He’s 20, so self-care isn’t top priority at the moment, and he lives on pizza, eggs, burgers, and kebabs. Funny enough, the kid does love a long hot bath! I can’t say he’s thrilled with all the…

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Would you rather have it suck now or suck later?

Molly asks "would you rather have it suck now or suck later?"

Is it a struggle for you to eat healthy food on a consistent basis?  If your answer is, “Duh, this is my life,” read on, friend.  When it comes to batch cooking delicious plants, sometimes you wake up energized and ready to get in your kitchen, slap on some tunes, and shake that ass in…

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Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition

whole food plant based nutrition

One of the reasons why whole food plant based eating is so loved is because it helps people step away from the diet mindset. When you eat a whole food plant based diet, it’s all about the quality of calories you’re eating instead of the quantity. When we talk about quality, we mean nutrient density,…

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Traveling While Plant Based and Gluten-Free in Namibia

This is not a sponsored post. We did not get paid or compensated for anything mentioned, photographed, included or linked. It was the morning of our departure to Windhoek, the capital of Namibia in southern Africa.  Luanne and I were waiting outside in the wet, cold February Seattle morning for our Lyft to go get…

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Setting an Intentional Morning Routine

setting and intentional morning routine

The first thing to know about morning routines is that you already have a morning routine. Whatever you do after waking up, whether intentional or not, is your routine.  Some routines consist of waking up late, throwing on whatever is the least wrinkled, running out the door, and grabbing coffee en route to work.  Others…

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Millet Mol

As a little girl in the eighties, I grew up loving tofu and rice milk.  Nutritional yeast was a staple in our house. Snap peas, sprouts, cauliflower, and sweet potatoes were some of my favorite foods. Miso soup is one of my comfort meals because my mom used to make it for me when I didn’t feel…

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Sam Finds Strength, Health, and More as a Plant Based Mom

When Sam Smith had her second child in 2017, she knew it was time to address her health. She wanted to be a healthy, energetic mom for her kids. After her doctor suggested whole food plant based eating, Sam found Clean Food Dirty Girl and she’s been a member ever since. Our plant based meal…

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You Are a Masterpiece

How good are you willing to have it?  Most of us want better…but what about magnificent? Fascinating? Extraordinary? Exceptional? Remarkable? Phenomenal? Un-fucking-believable?  What would that look like for you? Traveling the globe? Starting a business? Publishing a best-selling book? Being content right where you are? Learning a new language?  Loving your body without exception? Eating…

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A Bedtime Story for You and Your Body

Your precious body allows you to have a human experience.  It is how you are able to move through this world.  It is your gracious, patient, accommodating host, and you are its guest.  From birth until death it is your companion.  Sleeping, walking, breathing, bathing, crying, cooking, eating, peeing, reading, creating.  Your body is there…

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