Real talk—I love vegan butter

Molly Patrick Whole Food Plant Based

I don’t eat a Whole Food Plant Based diet 100% of the time. I have vegan butter in my fridge that I put on toast.When I go out to eat, I don’t worry about the oil.If there’s a vegan, gluten-free cookie / cake / donut / muffin in my presence, I will usually eat it.…

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Plant Based Documentaries Inspire Change + Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

buffalo cauliflower wings

Plant based documentaries inspired change in our Meal Plan subscriber, Meghan Folger. After a family loss to pancreatic cancer and watching documentaries like The Game Changers, Meghan and her husband were determined to make a change. “If we could reduce our chances of getting cancer…by eating more plants, why would we not do that?” Meghan…

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Plant Based Couple + Roasted Garlic Lemony Quinoa

roasted garlic lemony quinoa recipe satisfying

Meet the plant based couple: Melinda and Jeff I had the chance to chat with artist Melinda and her trauma surgeon husband Jeff recently. They are an inspirational plant based couple, and I was honored to connect with them.  They had over a decade of experience eating plant based but still faced struggles cooking at…

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