Eating Healthy in a Place That’s Not Healthy + Balsamic Mushroom Green Beans with Coconut Bacon


Do you remember last week when I told you that I’m not like most vegans?

Well, it’s a damn good thing because earlier this week I was asked if I minded my veggies being in the same fridge as a bunch of pork that was being dried out uncovered for a roast pork dish that would be prepared later in the week.

I told my host that of course I did not mind and went straight to my computer – I knew exactly what I wanted to write to you about this week. [Read more…]

I Have a Crush on Anthony Bourdain + Coconut Bacon

coconut_bacon_cup_and_flakes edit

If you’ve been reading this raunchy little blog for a while, or getting my Saturday emails, you know a thing or two about me. If you’re a CFDG virgin, I welcome you with a big bear hug – virtual style. (kind of like doggie style but different) <——you’ll get used to that.

A lot of the people who follow this blog don’t eat 100% plant based or even 100% vegan, they just like to add super healthy things into their eating routine. And I for one think this is awesome. [Read more…]

My Un-Advice To You + Minty Green Cacao Smoothie


Do you ever feel bombarded with healthy eating advice?

Because I do. And today I can’t bring myself to give you any.

As I’m writing this it’s 5:53am on Wednesday and I’ve been up for over an hour trying to decide on a topic to titillate you with.

I have a list of drafts up in my google drive as long as your small intestines (seriously, the small intestines is like 20 feet long. Creepy that it all fits in so nicely). [Read more…]

Dinner Just Got a Lot Easier: Announcing Clean Food Dirty Girl Dinner Blueprints // Week One


What? Me and you on a Thursday? 

I feel like we should be having this rendezvous at the “No-Tel Motel”

I won’t tell if you don’t tell.

I want to get down an dirty with you and gently whisper in your ear that your dinner routine just got much easier, because our first week of Whole-Food Plant-Based Dinner Blueprints is officially ready.

There are two things that are key in not screwing up healthy dinners on your table every night. [Read more…]

Adding More Whole Plant Foods To Your Diet: The Basics + Mushroom Walnut Pate

Mushroom Walnut Pate_Top_Yellow_Blue_Plate

It’s pretty much established that incorporating more whole plant foods into the diet is a good thing and we should do as much of it as possible.

The memo has been sent out, Office Space style and most people are on the same page.

After the memo has been read and understood the next step is to take action. And what I’ve noticed is that people tend to overthink the action part. [Read more…]