Are You Doing This Right + Beginner Green Smoothie


Most of us have been conditioned to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same, set times every day, and to avoid food between meals. This is generally how it’s been done since the days of old.

And when I say days of old, I don’t have a specific year in mind, but images of puffy sleeves, neck ruffs and bonnets come to mind. As a side note, THANK GOD neck ruffs aren’t a thing anymore. Talk about some fuckery!

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I May or May Not be Wearing Granny Underpants + Instant Pot Steel Cut Oats


We try something. We examine the results. We learn. We tweak. We move forward.

We expand. We contract. We shift. We reiterate. We get off balance. We find our footing.

We grow. We change.
We change. We grow.

Everything in life is in a constant state of flux and metamorphosis.

Our diet. Our relationships. Our work in the world. Our thoughts about mortality. Our patience. Our inspiration. Our art. Our cooking. Our bodies. Our outlook on life. Our anger. Our sadness. Our joy.

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My Top 10 Whole Food Plant Based Snacks + Spanish Quinoa (Instant Pot & Stovetop Directions)


When the diet consists of mainly plant food, we end up eating more frequently throughout the day. It’s almost like we graze all day instead of eating three set meals. The more plant based we eat, the more our standard breakfast, lunch and dinner routine dissipates.

It’s a strange transition, but ultimately, it’s incredibly empowering because we learn to trust our kick ass bod and eat when it gives us hunger signals. This is awesome because clocks are good for lots of things, but they have no business telling us when to eat.

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100 Percent Does NOT Equal Zero Percent + Instant Pot Plant Based Carrot Ginger Soup


The process of changing the diet and going from eating like you give zero fucks, to eating like a rabbit who gives lots of fucks, can be tricky business. There are numerous things that can trip you up along the way – fear, false information, excuses, addiction to crappy food- these can all come into play and work against your badass, plant eating efforts.

But one of the things I see most often that leads directly to self-sabotage is the all or nothing mindset. It’s an easy mindset to slip into and once you’re there, it’s like trying to get out of quicksand, but the quicksand is made out of peanut butter. And there’s also jelly. You’re basically stuck in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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