Coconut Oil. Are You Confused Too? + Western Samoan Inspired Coconut Chard


Apparently coconut water is so close in structure to human plasma that in an emergency it can be given intravenously into the bloodstream (but for the love, DON’T actually try this, k?).

If anything, this is a perfect golden nugget for trivia night. Just don’t drink so much before the game actually starts that you have to go to the car and go night night (I have NO experience with this.)

Today I’m not talking about coconut water or drunk mishaps (as fun as those are). I’m talking about coconut oil, because who’s not confused by the shit? [Read more…]

Suzanne Somers’ Boobs +THE Burger Recipe for Non-Vegans


My parents were hippies, and they didn’t want my young brain filled with TV.

So I listened to movies and stories on vinyl (Annie was my all time fave, and The Velveteen Rabbit made me cry each and every time); I painted rocks that I would later sell to my neighbors; I played hide and seek outside until dark with my best friend, and if I was lucky my mom or dad would bring me home an Archie comic book. [Read more…]