Staying Committed When Shit Gets Hard + Whole-Food Plant-Based Curry Tofu with Farro and Broccoli


I was on a 14 hour plane ride last week and it had what I considered, a scary amount of turbulence.

As the plane jolted up, down and all around, scenes flashed in my brain of our plane plummeting down in huge orange flames, grown ass men crying out for their moms, hand luggage flying everywhere, and flight attendants looking helpless and terrified. The cabin lights would flicker on and off, oxygen masks would drop, babies would be screaming, people would be thrown from seat to aisle, alarms would sound – it would be a fucking nightmare. [Read more…]

Clearing Up The Confusion About Oil + WFPB Fancy Toast

Fancy Toast

Nutritionally speaking, if eating a vegan diet is a steamy kiss, eating a Whole Food Plant Based diet is an exploding orgasm, followed by a eating a perfectly ripe peach and then taking a catnap in the sun.

If the Vegan diet is having a friend you can laugh with, the Whole Food Plant Based diet is having a friend you can fart with.

If the vegan diet is a two week vacation from the job you hate, the Whole Food Plant Based diet is telling your boss to fuck off, quitting your job, starting your own business and making a shit ton of money.

If the Vegan diet is listening to the WTF podcast, the Whole Food Plant Based diet is being interviewed by Marc Maron in his garage. (#lifegoals #bucketlist)

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Do You Want To Lick My Detox? + Coconut Polenta with Roasted Root Veggies and Tangerine Cashew Cream


Hey baby, do you want to lick my detox?

Oh yeah… as long as you rub my cleanse in return.

I’ll rub your cleanse if you put your scoby in my dosha.

Okay, but only if your scoby is free of carcinogens, GMOs and gluten.

Oh, my scoby is clean, my sexy prana bear.

Oh yeah…. let’s take some probiotics and DO THIS.

And then when we’re done, we can get our energy read and go for a superfood, goji berry colonic.

Blow that didgeridoo baby – let’s get this fuckery started!

I’m pretty sure this conversation has happened – probably this year, and probably in San Francisco.

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