Ending The Faux Meat Debate + Sweet Tomato Bisque


I had a crap week last week.

I will save the details for future Saturday fuckery, but it involved somewhat of a breakdown followed by an important epiphany. Which, if you allow breakdowns to happen, epiphanies aren’t usually far behind.

It’s like drinking a bottle of wine on an empty stomach. A hangover is guaranteed.

Details aside, my breakdown happened because I wasn’t taking the time or making choices to keep my foundation solid.
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Transitioning From Vegan to Whole-Food-Plant-Based + Brown Rice and Bean Bowl


FACT: I like to swear.

FACT: If I could have lunch with Marc Maron I would never complain again in my whole life.

FACT: I’ve never eaten meat in my life.

I’m not abstinent from meat because I’m a raging PETA fanatic (I’m definitely not), but because my mom and dad raised me vegetarian and it just stuck. My thought process about introducing meat into my life has always been in the same category as snorting cocaine, dropping acid and watching Star Wars. [Read more…]

What You Need To Remember About the Human Body + Baked Tofu Caesar Sandwich


A guy goes to see his doctor because he’s having trouble breathing. He also has a cough that won’t go away and he gets winded easily.

The doctor asks him if he smokes. Dude says yes, for the past 32 years.

The doctor writes a prescription for a heavy duty cough syrup, doesn’t mention the smoking and sends dude on his way.

Dude goes home, takes some cough syrup and lights up. [Read more…]

The Less Talked About Reality of Traveling to Exotic Places + The Best, Most Hearty Salad in the World


I was never the type of person who went backpacking through Europe, took a year off from college to study abroad or booked a solo adventure through Southeast Asia.

I wanted to do all this stuff but I never had the finances or the balls. So naturally, I harbored feelings of pure envy for people who went on these grand adventures, while I was left to my imagination to paint a picture of exactly how cool their trip would be and more importantly, how badass they would look with their cool pack, bandana wrapped head, tiedye scarf and rugged but cute sandals. [Read more…]