Nutrition Supplements Are Like Vibrators (plus a super yum Quinoa Salad recipe)


You know how you can know something without ever really thinking that much about it or really making the connection?

Like, you know Angelina Jolie is hot, but you don’t ponder why exactly, you just know that looking at her is really easy. The reason you like to look at her is because her face is super symmetrical, but unless you’re really into facial symmetry, the connection would likely not be made. [Read more…]

Why You Eat Junk Food Even When You Know It’s Bad For You. (and a simple Potato Leek soup recipe)


Raise your hand if…

  • You’ve ever been super hungry and instead of making a rocking yummy salad, you open a bag of potato chips and eat the entire bag.
  • There have been times when you have been an emotional basket case and all you wanted was chocolate cake shoved directly into your mouth and you didn’t care if you had to use your hands to get it there. [Read more…]