Stop Squeezing The Cat + Sunny Orange Dressing


I used to have a cat named Panda. He was the sweetest, most gentle, well behaved, loving cat on the planet. He was my love. He was the cat equivalent of my soul mate. He was my cat mate. My niece, Eleanor also loved Panda. Ellie will be 8 this year.

Ellie’s motivation for coming to my house for a visit was based solely on Panda’s presence. She loved him to bits, but unfortunately, the feeling was not mutual.

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The Only Resource You’ll Ever Need + Fajitas with Spiced Cream Sauce


I’m starting off today’s Fuckery by tipping my hat and bowing deeply to every single member of our Private Facebook group.

We started this group because we wanted people to have a community who supports them, encourages them and inspires them, regardless of where they’re at on their food journey.

The online world can be a shitty, unwelcoming place – especially to people who are trying to change how they eat. If someone is trying to eat more plant based and they unexpectedly slip into a jacuzzi filled with nacho cheese sauce, chalupas and mini tequila bottles, they should have a safe place to work that shit out without being judged or ridiculed.

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What My Itchy Twat Reminded Me + Frothy Cacao Cooler


When switching to a Whole Food Plant Based diet, there are a lot of things to look forward to; both big and small.

You can look forward to lower cholesterol, and you can look forward the whites of your eyes getting whiter.

You can look forward to lower blood pressure, and you can look forward to your breath becoming sweeter and more pleasant.

You can look forward to losing weight, and you can look forward to being happier and more uplifted.

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Dirty Girl Membership Is Open + 5 Minute Instant Pot Plant Based Cheesy Sauce


After working for over 10 years in the plant based industry and helping thousands of people take control of their life through changing how they eat, here’s what I know for sure:

1. Transitioning away from animal based foods and processed foods and focusing the diet around whole plant foods allows the body to bring itself back into balance. And the changes that people go through when this happens always extend far beyond what they had originally hoped and aimed for.

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Your Body Is Delicious + Plant Based Mayo


You have one life in your beautiful, miraculous, delicious body.

So make it good.
Make it so good that you can feel your cells, alive and thriving, bringing you health and happiness with every single breath you take.

Make it rich.
So rich that when you go to bed at night you can’t wait to wake up in the morning.

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