My Apology on Behalf of Judgmental Vegans + Cucumber Pasta Recipe


I’m making today’s fuckery short and sweet for one reason and one reason only. And this is the very first time I’m making it public.

I’m in the middle of creating an intensive 8 week step by step course to heal food addiction and rewire people’s relationship with food.

I plan to launch in six weeks, and in order to make that happen, the only things you’ll find me doing for the next 40+ days is eating, shitting, sleeping, and creating. [Read more…]

Engaging in Self-Defeating Behavior + Easy Hummus Recipe


Brace yourself, today’s fuckery is like dessert at a hippie festival – raw with a hint of sweet at the end.

I have a set of early memories that are hard to explain, but I’m going to try.

This was after my parents moved us out of the teepee and into the adobe house that the two of them built by hand, so I must have been around three years old. (You read that right I lived in a teepee when I was little. No shit.) [Read more…]