The Less Talked About Reality of Traveling to Exotic Places + The Best, Most Hearty Salad in the World


I was never the type of person who went backpacking through Europe, took a year off from college to study abroad or booked a solo adventure through Southeast Asia.

I wanted to do all this stuff but I never had the finances or the balls. So naturally, I harbored feelings of pure envy for people who went on these grand adventures, while I was left to my imagination to paint a picture of exactly how cool their trip would be and more importantly, how badass they would look with their cool pack, bandana wrapped head, tiedye scarf and rugged but cute sandals. [Read more…]

Naked Yoga Retreats, What to do With Chia Seeds + Perfectly Baked Oil Free Tofu


I don’t put coconut oil in my mouth and swish it around for 20 minutes every single morning like I’m a real life lattè foaming wand because I love the taste and texture of pure oil in my mouth.

I don’t.

I can’t even come up with anything cheeky to compare it to. Placing a tablespoon of pure oil in the mouth is bad enough.

I don’t pulverize and drink cabbage and leafy greens everyday because it’s the yummiest thing since tiramisu (nothing is yummier than tiramisu, and green smoothies should never be compared to Italian desserts).
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