9 Steps to Drag Yourself Out of Funk Town (and a simple no oil, no sugar Marinara recipe that will have you licking your plate)

Marinara Sauce

It was hot and dry, like only a September afternoon in Arizona can offer, and I was stuffing Wetzel Pretzel bites into my mouth, and loving every disgusting minute of it.

The outlet mall outside of Phoenix, adjacent to I-10 is depressing in a remote, fabricated, middle America type of way, but it didn’t matter. [Read more…]

Tips And Tricks For Eating Less Oil (and an easy Antipasto Brown Rice Pasta Salad recipe)


Do you know anyone who has had the same style for so long that it actually became cool again?

I’ve known a-plenty and I’m probably one of them in the making.

In fact, I had much love for the Fanny Pack loooong after everyone ditched theirs for something more complicated than strapping your shit around your waist and walking out the door.

It’s so easy, what’s not to love about the FP? [Read more…]

Tell Me Exactly What You’re Putting In Your Mouth (+ one of my clients opens up about her weight and weight loss for the first time)


You know those people who show up in your life at precisely the right moment?

Their entrance has the timing of anything Amy Poehler writes and the world is way less sucky because of them. They pop in gracefully like it’s all part of a pre-designed plan.

When people like this come into my life I take it as a sign that I’m on the right track. And then I remember that of course I’m on track because it’s the only one I’m on. [Read more…]