January 21, 2023 by Molly Patrick

You will find your way

If things feel uncertain and you can’t see a clear path forward, go outside tonight and look up at the sky.

Things around you might be a big messy ball of unpredictability, but the night sky remains. Let that be your constant for now.

Connect to your breath. Even if it’s shaky.
Let it rise. Let it fall.
Allow it to be your anchor.

Feel the beat of your heart.
It’s always with you.

Open up to someone who loves you.
Let them hold space so you don’t have to carry the weight all by yourself.

Challenges and tension are your call to pay attention.
This is life nudging you to grow.

Tonight, when you look up at the sky, trust that the uncertainties in front of you won’t last forever.

With time, a path will make itself clear.
Things will open up.
You will find your way.

When life is uncertain, the night sky always grounds me. So do my daily stretches and meditation. Another big one for me is eating healthy plant based meals made in my kitchen. If eating plant based is something that grounds you, or if you want to try, check out what our members are cooking in Plant Fueled Life.

It’s a great time to get in on these grounding, soul-nourishing, damn delicious meals. Let’s do this!


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