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Eating Plant Based When Traveling: Utah and Arizona

We recently took a trip to Utah and Arizona to see friends and family. Here's a glimpse of our plant...

That One Time I Almost Shit My Pants in Thailand

I was at a temple in Thailand and I was about to shit my pants. It was 2009 and it...
eating plant based in malaysia

Eating Plant Based in Malaysia Part Two – Detailed Images and Journal

Last week I gave you part one of our recent trip to Malaysia, where we explored Penang in all of...

Eating Plant Based in Malaysia Part One – Detailed Images and Journal

I've done a lot of posts about how I stick to eating a plant based diet when I travel.  I've...

Eating Whole Food Plant Based When Traveling: Netherlands

Traveling and eating a plant based diet are two of my favorite things. And I've never believed that one has...

How to Eat Well When You Travel a Lot – Tips from a Whole Food Plant Based Commercial Airline Pilot

There’s a wheelchair sitting in my yard. It’s stored in a protected area where rain can’t get to it, along...

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