Sleigh the Holidays Without Destroying Your Plant Based Ways

Sleigh the Holidays Without Destroying Your Plant Based Ways

🍭 When I say October, do you hear “Halloween candy o’plenty?” 
🥧 When I say November, do you hear “pumpkin pie with extra whipped cream?” 
🍪 When I say December, do you hear, “fuck it, the last shred of self-care has gone out the window, and I’m going to ride the wave of spiced rum, sugar cookies, cheese balls, butter, and Cap’n Crunch 4EVER?” 

Is there a part of you that’s excited for the upcoming holidays?

Not because of the riveting conversations around the punch bowl, but because you feel like it gives you a free pass to eat and drink whatever the hell you want, and mysteriously, even things you don’t want, including but not limited to stale candy, chocolate dipped anything, neon green Jello, and unidentified cheese product. 

Is there another part of you that’s dreading the upcoming holidays?

Because, even though you’re weirdly looking forward to getting freaky with cream cheese, Oreos, and hard cider, you also have a strong desire to feel vibrant, clear-minded, healthy, strong, and sparkly throughout the season? 

The question is: which desire is stronger? And will that desire remain clear amongst the holiday parties, family gatherings, late nights, social events, shopping trips, never-ending to-do lists, and general fuckery of the fast-approaching holidaze

If anyone has been a human on this planet longer than 23-ish years, we know the end of the year can be an extra special shit show for sticking to our healthy routines.

And worse? For many of us, once we’re off track, it takes approximately 856 years to find our footing again. In addition, the contradiction of our desires—the desire to stay rooted in a healthy routine and the desire to experience the relief of instant pleasure—makes just thinking about the holiday season trigger armpit sweat, panic farts, and hot flashes.  

My dear. It might not feel like it, but you are the captain of your sleigh 🛷. And you get to decide how you want to get through the holidays. Just because they’re coming does not mean you have to stop in your tracks and throw self-care, progress, motivation, and badassery out the window. Here’s a little secret: the option to continue living a healthy, thriving life has nothing to do with the time of year. 

If any of this resonates with you, and you want to go into the holidays feeling confident and in control, I have just the thing for you. 

Join me Tuesday, November 7th at 5pm Pacific  / 8pm Eastern for my live Sleigh the Holidays Without Destroying Your Plant Based Ways masterclass. 

I’ll teach you how to stay true to your most healthy self for the rest of the year for just $10. If you can’t make it live, we’ll send you the replay, but I recommend joining me live because I’m giving away lots of fun prizes!  

I look forward to seeing you next month and giving you some loving, no-BS lessons about how to kick ass and thrive as you dance into the new year. 



Co-founder of Clean Food Dirty Girl and certified life coach

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