Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plans

We have 250+ Wizard Plans created by our recipe developers to tantalize your tastebuds and nourish your body. Browse some of them here and prepare to drool!

Love, a Valentine’s Day Plant Based Meal Plan

Love is a very special plant based Meal Plan created to celebrate its namesake. Whether you’re looking to romance your beloved or practicing self-love, this plan has you covered with…

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Eat the Rainbow Plant Based Meal Plan

Eat the Rainbow is an adventure of a Meal Plan with a full spectrum of flavorful and good-for-you plant based recipes. All of our Meal Plans and recipes are deliciously…

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Tranquility Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plan

Tranquility is a whole food plant based meal plan beautifully tuned for your digestive system. Tranquility and its simple companion, Simple Tranquility, are both free of meat, dairy, eggs, oil,…

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Vegan Game Day Meals and Recipes

Tasty WFPB GameDay Meal Plan

Get in the whole food plant based (WFPB) game with #GameDay. This is a tasty WFPB game day menu with recipes for appetizers, finger foods, and the ultimate chili to…

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Vegan Cheesesteak Recipe Meal Plan

Philly Cheesesteak Plant Based Meal Plan

Cheesesteak is a plant based Meal Plan that features, you guessed it, a whole food plant based / vegan Philly Cheesesteak. This delicious Dirty-fied regional favorite was created by request…

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Masala Plant Based Indian-inspired Recipes and Meal Plan

Masala is a Meal Plan full of the diverse flavors of India. These plant based Indian-inspired recipes are free of meat, dairy, eggs, oil, and highly processed ingredients. Indian cuisine…

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Wizard Love Favorites Plant Based Meal Plan

Wizard Love Plant Based Meal Plan

Wizard Love is a super special plant based Meal Plan from Dirty Wizards, AKA our recipe developers, Tamie and Jen! This plan features some of the most adored recipes and…

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Healthy Winter Cheer Plant Based Meal Plan

Winter Cheer Plant Based Meal Plan

Winter Cheer is a plant based Meal Plan full of warm, comforting and healthy winter meals, ending with a Big Ballin’ Appetizer Platter perfect for holiday celebrations or gatherings. Easy…

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joyful plant based holiday meal plan

Joyful Plant Based Holiday Meal Plan

Joyful is the perfect plant based holiday Meal Plan (or for any time you’re feeling merry and bright). All Clean Food Dirty Girl Meal Plans are 100% whole food plant…

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let it snow plant based meal plan

Let it Snow Winter Plant Based Meal Plan

Let it Snow is the perfect winter plant based Meal Plan. When there’s blustery, cold weather outside your door, the comforting casseroles, pleasing pasta, and sumptuous stew in this plan…

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