September 11, 2021 by Molly Patrick

Where are the instructions though?

There is no instruction pamphlet for life.
We just pop out of a vajay, and then we grow up and try not to die, until we die.

It's all very bizarre.

There are many decisions to be made and many possibilities that present themselves on any given day, let alone over a whole lifetime. Our intuition is the best tool we have to help guide us.

I don’t know about your human brain, but my human brain can be a slobbery mess that loves to second guess and over analyze my intuition, leaving me dazed and confused about the “right” decision to make.

I have come to believe there is no “right” decision to make. I mean, there’s shit we just shouldn’t do, like poke our mail lady in the eye, or be an asshole human, but I do not believe there is one correct decision when it comes to all the big and small choices that we need to make in our life.

Whatever we choose, THAT is the right answer for us. And if we had made a different choice, THAT would have been the right answer as well. Not because we have a handy dandy life pamphlet tucked in our back pocket with pygmy goats on the front to refer to, but because it’s the choice we made with the information we had at the time.

So when we reach a fork in the road and have a decision to make, what do we do?

Without making it a big deal, we decide what we feel in our gut is the best choice, and we see what happens.

We simply decide, knowing that:

We will learn.
We will course correct if needed.
We will stumble.
We will laugh.
We will grow.
We will cry.
We will expand.
We will make mistakes.
We will celebrate wins.

This is what humans do. And you are more than capable of navigating ALL of it, pygmy goat pamphlet or not. Just take the next step, and know that it will do just fine.

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