September 4, 2021 by Molly Patrick

Washing laundry on your abs

One hundred years ago, I thought if I was in a healthy relationship, I wouldn’t fight with my partner. I thought if I quit drinking, all my problems would be solved. If I had a successful business, my life would be close to perfect. Once I got into great shape, I would be happy most of the time. When I could buy my own house, I would finally feel like an adult.

Not so much as it turns out.

I'm in a healthy relationship and sometimes we fight.

All of my problems were definitely not solved when I quit drinking.

I have a successful business and my life is far from perfect.

My body is healthy and strong and I am not happy all the time.

I pay a bank instead of a landlord, and I have no idea what being an adult feels like.

The reason we want anything is because of how we think we're going to feel once we have it. The reality is, we remain human before, during, and after we crush our goals.

And being human means that some days we feel like streaking through the internet with arms open wide, and some days we feel like burying our head in a pile of old shoes. This doesn't change once our vision board springs to real life.

But hold on, Jack (apparently, your name is Jack today). This isn’t a reason to give up your dreams of playing the ukulele while riding a horse naked, or being able to wash laundry on your abs. It’s just a tasty reminder that happiness and contentment don’t come from outside of you.

I think you should ALWAYS go after what you want (I mean, maybe put on some clothes before mounting farm animals though?)

Not because you will be forever happy once you reach it. Go after what you want simply because you CAN.

Have a beautiful weekend, my friend. Go slay some dreams.


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