September 25, 2021 by Molly Patrick

For the love of baby goats, you need to hear this

You are 100% worthy and lovable exactly as you are.

That weight you’re working on releasing, that way of eating you’re doing your best to follow, that business you’re getting off the ground, that muscle you’re sweating to create, that relationship you’re committed to making work.

You are doing such an amazing job.

Keep going, and also know this: when you nail everything you’re working on, you STILL won’t be any more worthy and lovable than you are right now. Because right now, you are already 100% worthy and lovable.

If there are people in your life who don’t agree, it’s none of your business. Other people’s opinions of you aren’t what makes you worthy and lovable.

If you don’t agree that you are 100% worthy and lovable, that’s not really your business either. Your opinion of yourself matters because it determines how you feel and how you show up, but it’s not what makes you worthy and lovable.

You are 100% worthy and lovable simply because you are here.

So let other people think whatever they want about you; it’s not your job to convince them otherwise.

You can also think whatever you want about you, but unlike other people's thoughts and opinions about you, your thoughts and opinions about you are optional, so choose with care. Some days your opinions of yourself might be supportive. Some days they might not. It’s okay. You are still just as worthy and lovable.

You can always change parts of your life because you want different results, but you get to be yourself, in all of your magnificent glory in the process. No need to bend, twist, or morph into someone else.

You are worthy just as you are.

You are lovable just as you are.

And it will always be this way, without conditions.

Today on the blog, I’m talking with Andrea Voon from our community. I loved talking with her. I got chills at several points during our talk. Andrea’s awareness of her own needs, her attitude, and the compassion she has for herself make for an inspiring and magnetic human.

We’re also giving you a BBQ Pulled Jackfruit recipe that will knock your socks off AND THEN BACK ON.

Let’s do it over here.


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