Lift Off with Lyndsey

Lift Off with Lyndsey has been an incredible gift for many, but as awesome as Lift Off is, the workshop was just the beginning.

After four decades of fighting food, battling her body, and waging war on weight, Lyndsey's weight loss toolbox is positively overflowing with tips, tools, techniques, and secrets to success that she wants to share with you.

We are incredibly proud to share Lyndsey’s very own website. Word on the street is Lyndsey has loads of juicy things in store for her community.

We cheering her on and we can’t wait to see where this road takes her!

Even though Lyndsey is rocking her own thing, she still works for CFDG part-time, pumping people up to eat plants as only she can. If you purchased Lift Off with Lyndsey from us, you still have access to it in our classroom.



Lyndsey is now offering her program independently.

Already purchased?

You can still access Lift Off with Lyndsey as usual.

Here for our Meal Plans?

Our plant based Meal Plans helped Lyndsey dramatically change her life, release weight and more! 

  • Our recipes are free from meat, dairy, eggs and oil and omnivore-approved
  • Access over 200 Meal Plans and more than 2,800 recipes
  • Delicious weekly Plant Based Meal Plans (Simple & Gourmet)
  • Use our robust digital classroom with custom portions, shopping lists and more
  • Join Office Hours - an empowering plant based support group held live online