April 23, 2022 by Molly Patrick

Learn from my lightbulb moment

Right before I made the decision to quit drinking, I had a moment of stunning clarity.

I was at a crossroads, and I had two choices.

I could either keep drinking, or I could quit. Moderation wasn't going to work for me.

I didn't know how my life would change if I quit drinking, but if I kept drinking I knew exactly what to expect.

More hangovers.
Feeling tired often.
Alcohol bloat.
Alcohol-related health issues.
Never living up to my potential.

THAT'S when the dim, flickering lightbulb started to shine with bright, sparkling brilliance:

If I made the decision to keep drinking, I could never complain about these things again. I couldn't complain about something I was choosing.

Ouch, that one stung. A lot.

I could totally decide to keep drinking, but if that was my choice, I had to go all in and own it. I had to love that choice with everything I had, and love it hard. I could no longer be upset when I said I wanted one thing and did another.

The question wasn't whether or not I should stop drinking. The question was whether I wanted to love a life of hangovers, fatigue, bloat, preventable health issues, and never living my full potential.

The answer was clear. I did not want to love that life. So I was done drinking.

When you own your choices, you step into your power and you are no longer a victim to them.

If you're creating a result in your life that you complain about (either to yourself or to others), either keep doing it and love it, or create a different result. Totally up to you and there is no right or wrong choice. Own your choices. Stand in your power.

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