November 11, 2023 by Molly Patrick

Dare to start

Hello wonderful human,

Getting really good at something is like climbing a ladder. Each rung on the ladder is an important step in reaching the top. I don’t care if you’re P!nk, The Rock, David Hasselhoff, or Oprah Winfrey herself, no one gets from the bottom rung to the top instantly. You reach the top by going one rung at a time.

Before you lose 20 pounds, you have to lose 3.

Before you have a thriving business, it has to hobble along for a bit.

Before you run a marathon, you have to run a mile.

Before you eat like a plant fueled badass, you have to make a few plant based meals.

Before you batch cook in two hours, it might take four hours.

Before you create a piece of art that people want to buy, you have to make art that sucks.

Before you speak a language fluently, you have to sound like a dəˈzastər.

Don’t let having to start at the first rung stop you from the climb. We all have to start where we’re at. And if you don’t know exactly how to do the thing, you're in great company.

No one knows how to do anything until they do it. 

Dare to be new at something.
Dare to fail.
Dare to put yourself out there.
Dare to try.
Dare to start.

It’s literally the only way to do it.


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