Our designs are one of a kind and exclusively hand-drawn for Clean Food Dirty Girl by fashion illustrator Cristina Tudor. Cristina describes her inspiration behind each design below.

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Molly's cheesy sauce, one of my favorite Clean Food Dirty Girl recipes, is what brought us together and is what started this fun collaboration. So I definitely wanted to design a T-shirt featuring this golden yumminess.

T-Crack (Tahini Crack) was a popular suggestion for a T-shirt from so many of you. This is one CFDG insider joke you'll be happy to explain every time! I was inspired by Molly's consistent message to practice self-love and self-acceptance and to act the same towards others. I used a rainbow of pride colors as the background for the T-Crack message as an extra layer of meaning that felt so appropriate and uplifting for this T-shirt, and also as a personal touch to Molly and Luanne's story.

Clean Food Dirty Girl is, of course, the most obvious choice for a T-shirt to have in the CFDG collection, complete with the signature orange color and a little 'dirty' font!

I thought it would be fitting for all of you who are part of thisamazing community. Because who doesn't want to belong to Club Dirty Girl? Let everyone know you belong proudly with this T-shirt that's a little 'dirty'.

Beets are one of the most nutritious veggies out there, and every time I cook or juice them, I fall in love all over again with their rich red, almost purple color! It's like nature's best watercolor! So for this T-shirt, I made the humble beet the ambassador for the Clean Food Dirty Girl message to eat more 'whole food plant based' foods.

Every time I get one of Molly's emails with a new recipe, I get hungry. Like in 10 seconds flat! Like, feed me now!! This is what I picture when I think of Clean Food Dirty Girl: a mouth always hungry for tasty and nutritious plant based food.

You can take the girl out of the 'dirty', but you can't take the 'dirty' out of the girl! In this tongue-in-cheek design I wanted to play with layers of puns and to bring in references personal to Molly. I used the turquoise color of her fab headphones for the bathtub and added the kitty, since she loves cats so much. But this may be the only time you'll ever see Molly anywhere near a chandelier!

This pun on plant based foods made me picture Molly and her trademark turquoise headphones, working away on more yummy veggie recipes for us while jamming to some up-'beet' tune.



I'm Cristina Tudor, the artist behind the Clean Food Dirty Girl T-shirts designs. I'm a Los Angeles-based illustrator and the creator of ct-sketches where I chronicle my journey as a fashion illustrator, T-shirt designer and portrait painter. I am very passionate about creating and bringing beauty into the world! It gives me great pleasure to bring joy and happiness to people by telling their personal stories in a visual way, through my watercolor art.

I am also an architect by training, and my demanding work in the challenging field of architecture often led to unhealthy food choices in the past. A few years ago I started creating a better balance in my life, including eating more plant-based foods. And so I've come to discover and follow Molly Patrick and Clean Food Dirty Girl!

Molly's recipes and compelling stories have inspired me in more ways than one: one weekend, as I made Molly's cheesy sauce, I was inspired to paint this portrait of her using plant-based whole foods, including her yummy cheesy sauce! This was one of those great moments when things I am passionate about, like painting and healthy eating in this case, converge in the most amazing ways!

And the rest is history: Molly, Luanne and I connected, and a wonderful collaboration was born between Clean Food Dirty Girl and ct-sketches! I hope you enjoy wearing these T-shirts as much as I did creating them. Thank you so much Molly, Luanne and Clean Food Dirty Girl for allowing me to tell your story!

Much love,

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